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  • I’ve been looking for an “author” or “bio” plugin for several days and you know, it’s funny (in irony, not ha ha or LOL). After all the reviews on numerous plugins I’ve read, I’ve begun to notice not only a pattern to the reviews of all the various plugins, but an outright duplication of reviews!!!

    Not only are the reviews similar to one another on most, if not all, the plugins I’ve looked at, they are EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!! Are you people (or one or 2 persons) SERIOUS!?! Do you not believe that eventually someone like me will figure out that you guys aren’t real users giving honest reviews?!? Come on, you don’t even try to use proper grammar!!!!!

    And WordPress, SHAME ON YOU!!!! for if not hiring these idiots, at the very least, allowing these reviews to stay posted.

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