• While there might be some value in educational materials and keyword tool, this CANNOT be called WordPress plugin. Here is why:

    1. When you install it all it does it gives you username and password and a bunch of external links. This means all functionality is offsite. You can actually use this for any site, it doesn’t have to be WordPress, you just need to know URL address to their online dashboard.

    Why to use up your resources to install something that doesn’t do anything anyway?

    2. The trial itself is limited. You can read instruction manual only till stage 3. You don’t get complete version for 14 days.

    3. You can read their forums but you can’t ask any questions or post replies. Quite useless.

    If their keyword numbers work that would be awesome, however their choice of marketing strategy makes me suspicious. It looks like author simply used this as a way to market to WordPress community. Calling this a plugin is very close to deception. You have a great product? Great! But you should market it properly and call things what they are.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    this CANNOT be called WordPress plugin

    Sure it can. It is a plugin and it’s software as a service.

    Now if you wrote “here’s the reason why you do not want to use this plugin” then I would agree with you.

    Have you considered raising a support request in their support forums?


    I don’t need their support Jan. In my understanding plugin is something that adds functionality TO your WordPress installation, not just adds a page with bunch of links to limited trial for 14 days.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    In my understanding plugin is something that adds functionality TO your WordPress installation

    Sadly you’ve understood incorrectly. Sorta. That plugin does add functionality to your WordPress installation.

    What you really mean (I think) is that you do not like this plugin and how this plugin author works. That’s fine as it’s a valid review for a software as a service plugin.


    I mean exactly what I said. I actually see value in their tool if it proves to work. Some people, including WordPress users, could indeed benefit. But I also see an attempt to take an advantage of free WordPress plugin directory to sell a product.

    Now don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to argue. I looked at your profile and see you have been member for 8 years and are a moderator. That is wonderful! Without people like you WordPress would not be what it is now. But I still want to point out that this “plugin” violates guidelines. Please refer to point 5 here


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    If the code (that’s the important part here) that’s hosted in the WordPress plugin repository is violating the terms of the plugin guidelines and you can point to that code (as in provide file names and line numbers) then I encourage you to report this plugin to plugins [at] wordpress.org

    I have not looked at the code myself but what you have described above does not violate the terms you’ve mentioned.

    This is software as a service. It is the service is a 14 day trial but the software is not. That does not violate the terms of hosting plugins here an SaaS is permitted in the WordPress plugin repository.

    I’m not overly fond of software as a service myself and if you do not like their service then don’t use it. But from what you have describe this plugin does not violate the terms here.

    But I also see an attempt to take an advantage of free WordPress plugin directory to sell a product.

    That’s one interpretation of it. You don’t like the author’s actions or service and as I wrote that’s fine.

    But this entire exchange is not a review of the plugin: it’s a review of the service and that’s makes this not valid in these review forums.

    Just another Site Sell hater. LOL

    They just can’t get over the idea that now they’ve invaded the WordPress market and don’t know what to do next. A bunch of Losers at best.

    @bkbiloxi This developer has an army of haters?? Are you serious? Let’s not get melodramatic. It’s a just a plugin directory for crying out loud.

    bkbiloxi, I don’t know what you are talking about. It’s a place to review plugins so I gave my review. I don’t know why would you insult me by calling loser. You don’t even know me.

    I gave 5 stars reviews and 1 star reviews to other plugins before but nobody came and insulted me like you did. If this developer has a bunch of haters then one has to wonder. I mean really wonder.

    Your comment is not relevant, very offensive and weird to be honest.

    lol SiteSell is notorious for sending the staff to post on blogs and forums to discredit negative reviews. This developer can’t handle negative criticism.

    As I noted in my own review of this “plugin’, not much has changed at SiteSell. lol

    Just use Yoast.

    Plugin Author bizxpress


    Hi, Daniel, here – SiteSell’s CEO -. I don’t send anyone to discredit reviews nor do I condone that behavior. Bonafide criticism is useful, as it helps make our service better for the benefit of all users … So, thank you for your reviews!

    Hi Daniel! Please make the plug-in more functional and useful for more than just five searches and a few days of videos. After that it is virtually useless unless you “upgrade” (over 149 EVER year???). There are other tools for keywords w/ just a one-time purchase, and blogs and podcasts that provide better recommendations for free.

    Plugin Author bizxpress


    In my humble opinion, the brainstormer is an industrial-grade keyword research tool, which compares with tools two or three times more expensive than it (re: keyword supply, demand and profitability for hundreds of millions of keywords, “groups” feature, 5,000 limit, etc). I believe, by itself, the brainstormer justifies the investment in Pro. On the other hand, if your needs are met with the available free keyword research tools and you don’t require our service’s business-building guidance and training, that’s great … then bizXpress may not be for you. 🙂

    Thank you for responding to my comments. While I’d hoped you would lower your prices (or at least extend the functionality of this “free” plug-in to PROVE it’s worth the price), it’s good to know (and I’m sure other people who are reading will know) that you have no intention of doing so.

    I disagree that the PRO version of this tool is worth all that money every single year, but at least we agree that the plug-in (free or paid) is not for me. There are other “paid” options that are cheaper with a more established reputation. You are charging a PREMIUM for this plug-in, and this is your company’s very first plug-in (and it’s not reviewed well). You may do well to re-evaluate your thinking.

    Plugin Author bizxpress


    Thank you for the advice. I am of the view that our brainstormer is second-to-none and represents tremendous user-value, with features that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s a business-grade tool which delivers incredible market intelligence. This being said, I respect your opinion.

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