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  • This plugin is actually misguide users. If I move the hosting than it should export all my current data including images and also all settings (all options) so it should setup all things on import.

    But currently it’s exporting only content of post types only.

    What I expect is that the export and import process will actually clone my existing site to new site.

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  • I will help you how to correct work with this plugin :

    – Export your XML file that integrates the structure of your site . Make sure your new server in the database is created equal in name and tables as well as on your old server and the folder path is same.

    ex :

    * MyDB ( your DB name must be same as the old )

    * MyDB_
    ( its prefix table name must be same as the old – The prefix must always be configured and verified in your wp – connfig.php before its new WP installation on your new server . )

    * Your folder path should be equal ( public_html / wp -content public_html / wp – admin and so on .

    – Note: When creating a new database on your new server , NOT import your data to the new database by means of SQL file because your exported XML file already contains the necessary settings for the structure of your new site your new server – And as previously remembered setting up tables should be in your wp – config.php before its new WP installation on your new server .

    Copy your entire wp-content folder to the new server, because the plugin to work import settings for your database needs to find these information paths and folders in the same way as was done your export file XML site.

    After all set up, import your XML file to its new facility site and everything will be OK.

    The imported XML file will create all file paths on your new tables from your DB and your new site will look like before.

    Always works for me and the site is brand new as a newborn baby – I do this to clean the database when some plugins undermine information and then uninstall the plugin my database gets dirty. To have no work to hunt information and tables, I always do this method to let the DB clean – And my site structure remains the same.

    Looking for help: Comment!

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