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  • This is the second theme I tried out today that is listed as free but is actually not. You can certainly install the theme but you can’t change anything that you normally can in wordpress without paying extra. I’m all for paying for themes, but at least let me pay for MORE than what wp does by default. What they do is give you the theme for free but totally cripple the customization until you pay them.

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  • Theme Author Tom


    Hi there,

    Sorry you’re unhappy with the theme.

    I just want to point out that GeneratePress doesn’t remove any default functionality from WordPress, it only adds to it.

    Out of curiosity, what does GeneratePress take away that WordPress usually has by default? I’m certainly not aware of anything, and theme reviewers wouldn’t allow themes that strip default functionality.

    By default, GeneratePress lets you change your sidebar positions, header layout, navigation layout and position and much more.

    I think this review is pretty unfair, as GeneratePress adds tons of features to WordPress without removing a single one.


    I’m gonna chime in and agree that is review is unfair and factually incorrect.

    Out of the box, the free base theme offers a LOT more customizations than most free themes out there.

    And unlike in many other themes, the add-ons don’t try to make you pay for features you get elsewhere for free (unlike in many other themes or plugins). Instead, they offer unique functionality, they are extremely cheap and come with a very generous license (free updates forever, use on as many sites as you want).

    If you compare that with many other premium themes (where you easily pay $50 for a single-site license), this is a very fair offer (I’m basing this on about 30 hours of browsing and testing WP themes from various collections/websites).

    BTW, I’m not affiliated with the author of this theme in any way.

    Theme Author Tom


    Thank you for the support, rattenkind šŸ™‚

    2 thumbs up, rattenkind. I think the 1 star is really unfair. I’ve paid a lot of money for themes that didn’t work. For free, this was the best I tried. And the optional tool pack is worth every penny, or actually all 2,000 pennies I paid for it.

    Theme Author Tom


    Thanks, krjoseph!

    I think the OP may have expected some custom things that some other themes do provide, such as more color customization. OP likely thinks of those as default features, even though they are not. The addons are inexpensive and well worth it and this is one of the best themes I’ve ever used.

    Further HAPPY to add. In case anyone comes here worryin’ and wondering. I fully customized my site and it was ready to go live before I had the add ons uploaded (I’d bought them but hadn’t verified my email etc.). I was able to make the changes in color and font that I wanted and do everything else that would have been fine without the add ons.

    The ADD ONS are worth the $30 because they give you just that SO MUCH MORE to work with AND they are yours for life for all your sites, and with any updates.

    2 days in and I already know, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in regard to my small (but growing mightily) business šŸ™‚ That I could support the developer while getting something out of it too (selfish but true) is just icing on a very tasty cake.




    Just to top it up. The theme is free. You can download the full theme on WordPress and get started. No strings attached.

    However, if you want to add extra functions you can choose to buy the add-ons. At the current price the add-ons are cheaper than many premium themes I have bought and don’t now use. So, to me, the add-ons are well worth it. Not just for the added functions but in order to support the theme developer and keep the theme a project he continues to work on.

    One downside of a free theme is the lifespan. Theme developers have bills to pay too. So a free theme will only get so much time and attention.

    The way GeneratePress works is actually quite smart. You can choose the free theme and do your own customizing. If you want to keep it completely free you do your own work. That’s fair enough. Along with the free theme you get the benefit of a premium theme due to people who are paying for the add-ons because the theme is supported by the community.

    One other thing which I looked for was how long the support lasts. I won’t buy a theme which asks you to pay for it and then only gives you one year of updates. In a sense it’s not terrible because I have tended to become dissatisfied and changed themes in that time anyway. But, I rate GeneratePress as one of the top three themes I’ve ever used since I began online (before WordPress existed).

    Whether you technically consider GP a free theme or not – it is a great theme to have and I have no problem making the one time payment to have the extras.

    This title and rating are untrue, and is from an inexperienced person talking about what they don’t know about. I guide people through getting started with their websites in WordPress all day, 5 days a week for the last 2 years. This theme or parent / base has more customizations than about 90% of the free themes out there, and a more understandable what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG), than most as well. Plus, the $30 is a bargain, for being able to use on any site, with updates for life. Besides that, you don’t have to get the whole $30 pack, you could get one or two add-ons for $5 each. Or, at that, buy nothing and learn CSS,HTML,PHP on your own and compare that cost to this extremely good deal.

    By the way, I have no affiliation with GeneratePress (though I feel he should start an affiliate program). But I do see many people choose GeneratePress on a daily basis over others for what it gives for FREE. Open source doesn’t mean get EVERYTHING for free, just gives freedom to choose.

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