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  • I just finished redesigning this site for a guy who likes to update it every 20 minutes, so I used WP for the info and links section while I created a dynamic php based library for all the music files that updates automatically as you add the mp3s on the server.
    It’s pretty cool – the guy has total control over the content of the site 🙂
    I’d be curious to know what you guys think! thx

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  • I love it, graphism’s really good. The popups don’t work in my browser. Only problem encountered is with the links to music that don’t seem to work correctly. The shorter clips were OK. Could be connection time to players but stills seems too long even for DSL. Had to download the mp3 to hear a full track.

    Looks very nice and clean, me likes =) Love the way you’ve done menu, good work! 🙂
    Best Regards, MaxT

    Nice aesthetics, but the splash/welcome screen is incredibly unnecessary.

    thanks guys for the comments 🙂
    I think the pop-up should work on most computers since it opens with user’s input.
    But for the music part, it seems that Windows has some kinda default security setting problem with my code. I hope it’s ok to talk about that here since it’s not directly related to WP… But I’m very interested to know if others are having problems with audio as well.
    As far as the “incredibly unnecessary” index page, it’s true that it obviously doesn’t ad any useful functionality to the site. It does however ad (what I believe to be) some interesting graphic elements that are not to be found anywhere else on the site and and ties together the name of the guy’s site, his picture, one of his drawings, and his job title. And it’s easy to bookmark the news page if you don’t want to see that index.php ever again…
    Thanks again guys for your feedback!

    I am very interested in how the audio section works.
    Does he just upload the mp3 and the php parses it and produces the page? I would love something like this for my site

    yes – i customized a version of my minimalGallery to work with mp3s and get a list instead of the previous/next nav scheme.
    Check it out and use the contact info on my site if you need help 🙂

    Well I tried playing around with it but my knowledge is limited in programming and I can’t figure out how to get it to iterate through the directory and display the list-

    hey isn’t that how it always is-
    Say I can’t get it to work and then I figure it out..

    Like I said in my previous post, if you need help / source code, contact me through my site ( minimal design ), I don’t wanna start a thread completely unrelated to WP on here 😛

    I actually got it- and pretty heavily modified it already:)
    I’m using it in the audio and the images sections- both modified in various ways
    check it out if you want

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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