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  • The main focus of Yoast is to make money and I applaud them but every link and every offer to help is driven by an attempt to get me to subscribe to something. It has been somewhat helpful. I am tired of being pushed to pay for every step of the way. There has got to be a better system out there that can help news sites. I am very disappointed.

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    Hi @rayhanania,

    In your feedback, you talk about the main focus of Yoast is to make money. I tend to disagree with you. Our main goal is to provide SEO for everyone. Hence, our free plugin.

    But, the reason those banners are there is because Yoast is not a 1-person non-profit organization, but a 40+ people company. Simply put, we need to make money. We need to inform people that we have premium products and services. They paid for the development time on the free plugin.

    If you don’t want to see the banners in the admin, there’s a simple solution. Pay for the premium plugin. That’ll solve your annoyance with the banners, and help us by generating income.

    Thanks for your time!

    I appreciate that but I DID pay for a service and I don’t want to be nickle dimed to death everytime I am pushed to “scan your site” … when I clicked the “Scan Your Site” button it sent me to a contractor to purchase a service that I don’t need … that bothers me … not everyone does that. They rely on GREAT Product Services, easy to understand services and consistency. I’m not feeling that. The Sitemap service is confusing and NOT as easy to understand as other pluggin services so I had to add a second Sitemap service to replace the one you offer and guess what? It improved my site just in one week … So while I appreciate the work you put into your business, I expect to get my money’s worth when I purchase something and not to be nagged by constant pushes to spend more for more services … it’s annoying and that business plan is a turnoff for many people … Yoast has market domination but I am NOT the only person annoyed by this … maybe they should consider their product and their customers when they design added services and consider how it impacts the bottom line

    I pay for the News SEO service …

    Thanks for your push back response


    Plugin Support benvaassen


    Hi @rayhanania,

    The banners only disappear when you buy Premium. I can see your point, if you buy a product you don’t expect to keep receiving advertisements and banners. I’ll make sure this will be discussed (even though it’s not helpful for you at the moment, it might be for others in the future).

    The onpage feature to scan your site daily can be turned off if you don’t like it. You can do so via SEO -> Dashboard -> Features -> -> Disable.

    What can we do to improve our sitemaps? What was confusing for you?

    We would love to hear back from you with constructive feedback how we can improve. Thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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