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    After getting plenty of help from the wonderful people here, including Beel (thank you once again for taking the time to email me back), ozh, and several others who helped me out months ago when I first installed this thing, I managed to get my blog and the rest of my site validated in xhtml. I’m not perfect, though, as sometimes I still tend to mess up one of my pages, but I’m learning.
    Anyway, I changed the layout to my site last night to what you see now, so let me know what you think.

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  • I really like the theme, and the overall impression (the good part). Now, for the criticism (the bad part): there’s something that bothers me about your font(s). Can’t figure it out exactly, but there is something there…
    Otherwise, your site is lovely, and, while repeating myself, let me emphase that I really like the theme.
    Keep up the good work!


    Looking beautiful as usual although I kinda liked the old rhapsody in blue. Whiskas might be on to something here though about the font. Maybe a little more line height might be needed? Anyway its a mere trifle.

    Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks for the advice about the font, too. I guess I have to realize that even though it may look fine to me on my computer, it may look differently on other people’s computers. I have to be heading off my computer now, though, but later on I’ll try experimenting with line-height or other attributes to the text to get it to look better.

    u gotta disable mail id display in the guestbook.

    I could not find the WP logo and credit anywhere. Is it a WP blog at all?

    the link is missing for sure… against the rulez 🙁

    The header image takes a good 5 seconds to load…not sure if its just me.

    It obviously looks awesome, and I am impressed. However your header graphic on the top, definately takes a long time to load(it took about 5 seconds and I am on a 3mps cable line). Dialup users would certainly be in for a long wait.
    One suggestion I have, would be to reduce the number of entries on the front page. Rather than having every entry show at once, split them up so users don’t have to scroll down so far. A thread on how to add ‘next page’ links to the bottom of the journal.
    And a question: How did you set it up so that when you click on something like ‘about me’ it loads that page?

    Guamgirl, just optimize the header image, there is no reason it should be a whopping 340K!! I checked and it should be about 40k.

    Oh and my “about me” page, “domain” page, etc. were all pages I had made on my own before I installed WordPress.
    Ok.. that is how I figured it must be.. but thought you might have somehow set it with wordpress somehow

    You are using photoshop right?
    Did you do ‘save for web’ to save the images?
    The only problem will be for people on dialup.. but if you are comfortable with that..

    Yeah, I have photoshop version 6. I’ve never actually done “save for web” before. I only know of just going to file and save…and I know it gives me options for how much optimization I want and it shows how large the file would be depending on the quality you give it. I shall have to play with the “save for web” option more.
    Oh and there is one person I know who visits my site and tells me that the pages load fine for her and her dial up, but I guess I could try learning to get my pages to load faster.

    Wow, thank you so much everyone for helping me out. I never thought so much about all this before. Beel, I’ll look through your email and Clay thanks for thank comparison. 🙂
    I’m confused about the size of my pages, though…I submitted the url of my site to and it said that the size of the page is 34650 bytes. A megabyte is a million bytes, right? So half a meg is 500,000 bytes. But I’m sure that website is probably unreliable as the total file size of a page includes the sizes of all the images on the page, right? That’s why we’re having this discussion on optimizing my images so that they’re smaller in file size.
    Thanks again for everyone replying to this thread. I had no idea I’d get this much feedback. lol.

    Guamgirl: The reason you are getting a report of the page being that small, is because that isn’t taking into account all of your includes(the header, the menu, and all of the other graphics).
    If you go to this analyzation you will see that with all of the graphics the page is a total of 301k.
    Obviously yours is a very graphic intensive layout(which is fine), but there are definately ways(save for web for all your graphics!) you can get that size down without a loss in visual quality:)

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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