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    After testing NoSpamNX on a test site, I installed it on my very active site at

    I deactivated Akismet and activates NoSpamNX. It seemed to be so good at marking spam that I set it to “block” spam.

    Then I decided to test it once more. I posted as Cindy Moore, address, with my IP (not blocked). I had tested with a site URL, but this was rejected as spam. So I set the plugin to send posts to just mark the spam. And I decided to test without a site URL. I
    copied and pasted the following into the comment field:

    This is a test comment

    The lesson’s author wrote:”…nothing characterizes secularism more than the push to eliminate all “other worldly” language from human discourse. With the success of science, people in some cultures are more and more inclined to think about issues scientifically.” True enough, many scientists hold their fellow scientists who believe in God, especially a Creator, in snobbish disdain thinking they know better; and they exert pressure upon their fellow scientists to speak, write and act in accordance with “accepted” notions. (Prof. Walter Veith and others attest to this behavior.) This is also reflected in media misinformation and swallowed by a largely gullible populace.

    “…Angels and demons do not fare well in the scientific mode of thinking. Hence, contemporary culture is witnessing a gradual demise of belief in the supernatural.”
    I heartily disagree with this statement. At the present time (in the USA) there is an obsession with things regarding the supernatural: psychics, Wicca, TV programs searching supposedly haunted placings, late night radio programs exploring dark phenomena, magic, demons, dark practices. Some claim to approach these topics as being studied “scientifically”… without any true and honest examination(s).
    It is so true that when we do not seek truth and rush here and there seeking anything else, we are left to our own devisings. I saw a bumper sticker recently that read simply “Don’t believe everything you think.” May God preserve us from these perversions, and may His truths shine in the darkness and lead many to the Light.

    I used Firefox with Javascript disabled for test purposes.

    However, the comment went straight to the spam folder.

    Now why would that be?? I pasted the comment in manually and most certainly did not fill out any “hidden fields.” I am so disappointed! It seems you must have added some other things to the plugin besides invisible fields.

    Please help!

    In my first test with the URL filled in, I got a page that said, “I’m sorry, but your comment appears to be spam.” It has a <back> button, but the button did not work.

    In my second test, without the URL (see above), I did not get an error page. The page merely reloaded with a blank comment field.

    Comments are the lifeblood of the blog, and I cannot afford to have comments lost like this. It would be just a bit better, if the <back> button went back to the comment, so people could at least retrieve their comments and write to us.

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  • While I was writing the comment above, someone else’s perfectly good (not bird-brained!!) comment was shunted into the spam folder.

    With the amount of spam we get, it is easy to miss good comments in the spam folder, and that’s really why I wanted to use your plugin which could block obvious bot spam.

    Plugin Author kubi23


    I think you ran into “commenting to fast”. Since version 5.0.0 NoSpamNX checks how fast a comment is posted. As you have pasted the comment you probably posted the comment under 10 seconds after the page was loaded. If you choose “block” a message would have appeard saying you commented to fast. As you choosed “mark as spam” the comment was marked as spam, as it was commented to fast.

    Thank you for the reply.

    Is it necessary to have a “commenting too fast” check when you have invisible fields to trap bots? If the invisible field method actually works, it should not be necessary.

    It was not just my comment that got lost, but another user’s good comment went to the spam bin. If I had “spam” blocked it would just have vanished into cyberspace.

    It is fairly common for our users to compose their replies in Notepad or Word and then paste them into the comment form. And they might just load the page for the purpose of commenting. However, I’m wondering if there’s another quirk that is the issue.

    I’m also wondering — is it not possible to save the comment on the user’s computer, so it can be retrieved by the <back> button?

    As it is, I cannot use this plugin, since comments are the life blood of our blog.

    It sounds so promising …

    Plugin Author kubi23


    It is fairly common for our users to compose their replies in Notepad or Word and then paste them into the comment form.

    Unfortunatly its even more common for spambots to “spread” spam as fast as they could…

    I’m also wondering — is it not possible to save the comment on the user’s computer, so it can be retrieved by the <back> button?

    I just checked all Back-Buttons, they are using the Back-Functionality of the Browser and are working. So, wether the comment is commeted to fast or block, the comment will still be visible for the user (in “block” mode).



    Thanks for the response. I will install the plubin again on a test site and see how it goes.

    However, I’m still wondering why the plugin would need a “commenting too fast” check when automatically filled invisible fields will stop the spam bots.

    For me, the “lighter”/least processor-heavy a plugin is, the better. If there are redundant methods of stopping spam, it would only seem to use more processor resources.

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