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    It works fine with 1.6.12. There may be something wrong with the jquery or the ajax callback. Are you logged in as an administrator? I would expect you are if you are adding forms to the backend.

    wow speedy response…

    I have admin rights – but you’re right – i get a 403.

    POST http:/ 403 (Forbidden) load-scripts.php:2
    send load-scripts.php:2
    v.extend.ajax load-scripts.php:2
    (anonymous function) admin.php:163
    v.event.dispatch load-scripts.php:2
    o.handle.u load-scripts.php:2

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    Well, this is the first I’ve heard of this. There is some sort of ajax call problem. Could be another plugin interfering, could be CHMOD issues with the folder/file wp-load.php, could be that jquery is somehow not enqueued (though I doubt that’s the problem). Siiiiiiggghghhhh. I’ll work with a different ajax call and set up an update. It may be a better method anyway (more compatible with wordpress, simply using the built in wordpress ajax stuff). I have some projects I’m working on at the moment. If all goes well with this current project, I’ll try to get at it later tonight. I’ll send a response before I go to bed letting you know if I was able to get to it.

    thanks, that would be nice. i will check the things you’ve mentioned.

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    You’ve got an update. Let me know if there are any issues.

    great- i can see my form fields – now i will give it a try…

    i can’t get it running. this is the message and nothing has been imported. I have just one entry to test.

    -1 rows of data have been imported. Please check Forms->Entries to verify your data was imported correctly.

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    Looks like it processed your headers only. Send me your csv file. Also, export your form so I can import it and test it. We’ll get it running for you. The Ajax thing is solved now let’s see if this is a bug or an issue with your csv file (it is usually an issue with people’s csv files. Many people have trouble understanding how it needs to be set up).

    ups – i turned on “show invisibles” in my Text editor…..
    I can see lots of strange flipped question marks… must be the csv

    bingo that was it

    worked like charm – imported 460 entries…

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    So, it worked?

    Good. Glad we got it working for you. Also, if you have entries that are more than 200 characters, you need to change a database setting for it all to import correctly. I can give you instructions on how if that’s the case. If not, we’re good.

    Remember to make sure it’s utf-8 encoded.

    Hy Dunar,
    First o f all i want to thank you for this awsome plugin!
    I have a problem with the mass importer beacause i have to import like 300 fileds or so, but when i try to import them it displays the error “You have some invalid headers:”

    The csv was created with the help of sql because there are a lot of entries. if so please tell me so that i can send u the csv file and tell me where i am doing rong.

    if posible can you look at the csv ?
    Thank you very much !
    Best regards,

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