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  • Retina Stripper Plugin svn update seems to have failed in some way.

    Plugin version was bumping from 1.4 to 1.5 with only minor changes.

    The 1.5 download links work as expected…

    The Download Version button still shows 1.4 as version.

    The Compatibility block shows 1.4 as current version + 1.5 appears under other versions.

    Very simple plugin with single .php file + readme.


    Requesting an svn guru let me know how to fix this. The svn command sequence I used, is same as all other times I’ve checked in a new version…

    1) cd svn (name of my code directory)

    2) svn cp trunk tags/1.5

    3) cd tags/1.5

    4) make changes

    Change .php file to reflect Version: 1.5 as new version.

    Change readme file Stable tag: 1.5 + other minor changes.

    5) svn ci -m “tagging version 1.5”

    Input user + pass + received successful update.

    Help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Thread Starter David Favor


    Looking back through my email, I find the normal email notification about 1.5 being tagged… with subject line…

    [WordPress Plugin][1588454] retina-stripper/tags: tagging version 1.5

    With what appear to be the correct patch/diff log in email.

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