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  • Been using edit-flow on several sites and really love it.

    However on one new site (we are not running any other plugins on), we where using Edit-Flow only the CUSTOM STATUSES part. We run only 2 statuses for posts.

    After deciding a different workflow, we deaktivate EDIT-Flow entirely.

    However, now in the normal Posts – All Posts – window, we do no longer see any Draft posts and the “Post Status” column is not shown.

    Even if we click top to the “Screen Options” the checkbox to check “Post Status” is NOT there.

    Wondering what we have to do to return to our normal wordpress post views.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author cojennin


    If you create a new post with the status of “Draft”, does the “Post Status” column show up?

    Are your statuses written on English?

    Same problem as @spabav here!

    The posts admin screen says I have 35 posts (All (35)) and 4 published. Drafts and Recycle Bin columns are missing too.
    If I press the “All” tab, nothing happens: just the 4 published posts are showed. So I can’t access to the 31 drafts I have.
    If I create a new post and set it to “Draft” status, a new tab/post status called “Draft” is created, but only that new draft I’ve just created shows in there (the other 31 are still “missing”/non-accesible).
    My statuses are written in Spanish.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Plugin Author cojennin


    @alter_ego can you provide the steps to reproduce this issue?

    I am not sure how to reproduce it. Did you create posts with a Draft status then activate Edit Flow and now they no longer appear?

    Hi @cojennin and thanks for replying,

    I had created several posts: 4 were published and the rest remained with draft status (regular WordPress status type: Edit Flow was NOT installed at that time yet).

    Then, some other day, I installed Edit Flow and changed the name of status given by Edit Flow for their equivalent in Spanish.

    I tried the plugin a little bit, but it ended not being what I expected (don’t get me wrong:-)), si I decided to unistall it (I deactivated it, then deleted it, throught the WordPress plugins administrator screen).

    I cleared the cache and, to my surprise, happened what I explained in my previous message (the posts admin screen saying that I had 35 posts (All (35)) and 4 published. Drafts and Recycle Bin columns were missing too. If I pressed the “All” tab, nothing happened: just the 4 published posts were showedand I couldn’t access to the 31 drafts I had.)

    I even tried by installing and enabling the plugin again, reversing the customized posts statuses (just in case that had created some kind of conflict with WordPress posts statuses) to their original names/slugs and then, deactivating and erasing it again, but it didn’t work.

    Looking deeply throught MySQL, I found out that even after removing the plugin, tons of strings related to it were still stored there: I tried to remove them manually, but there were so many, that I ended by uploading a database backup I had, and overriding it completely. Once I made that, my admin posts area started to work as it should again.

    Hope that helps,

    Plugin Author cojennin


    Awesome, thanks for the thorough response!

    When you installed and enabled the plugin again, did the posts appear when you pressed the “All” tab?

    Sounds like you encountered what was described here. Does that sound similar to the issue you had?

    On a post page, the status edit option only shows for 2 seconds and then disappears again.

    I deactivated all plugins and the problem goes away, but the only options are draft or pending review.

    When I enabled the edit flow plugin, the status edit link goes away again.

    The (disappearing status edit link) issue is also present when I went to the default WP theme.


    From one of the editors — I see exactly the same thing, but apparently she [a writer] clicks the save button and the assignment is saved (although the status cannot be changed, so you cannot really assign it to a writer automatically); the problem I have is that I click save, receive no error message, but then when I go to the general Posts, the file that I just saved is nowhere to be found

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