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  • When you effectively use this plugin to convert from a page to an article you make a total mess. Let me explain – firstly the category becomes blank, and it doesn’t even go to uncategorized or let you select it, so you can’t even filter the pages you just transformed to articles. Annoying, but could do.
    What I really can’t work with is that it doesn’t change the template from page to post, if you try to open your newly transformed “post” after you switched it from being a page, the template will still have “page type-page” in the class, therefore using your (potentially) customized styles inherited from pages and not posts, plus on top of that, which is even worse, sidebar won’t show up either because of that (at least, on TwentySeventeen theme, but I think on others too).
    Big nope unfortunately, good effort but not tweaked properly to be actually useful, uninstalling.

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  • Plugin Author John James Jacoby


    It sounds to me, unfortunately, that you’ve reviewed this plugin poorly with incorrect expectations about what it does.

    This plugin does not change any of the Taxonomy relationships. The only reason they disappear is because the same Taxonomy is not registered for both types. If you switch it back to its original type, you’ll see the categories still there.

    Regarding your page templates, posts just use the templates for the type of post that they are. The classes are generated from the post. It can’t be changed in one place and not another without some kind of misconfigured caching plugin.

    All this plugin does is change the post type from one to another. That’s it. Anything else you need to do is on you to do.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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