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  • Maybe works for small sites. Churned for a long time working on 14,000 items on my site, then delivered a cryptic error message and Game Over.

    It’s because of over-promising and under-delivering plug-ins like this that I’m eager to get off WordPress.

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  • This plugin hasn’t been in development for some time. Try an alternative like WP2Static:

    Quite an expectation you have from a free plugin on a free CMS for a site with 14,000 items. There are agencies who specialize in converting WP to HTML. Perhaps you can hire their services to get off WordPress and be on your happy way.

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    The blog has 1,200 entries and 2,200 images. Where this plugin found 14,000 items I have no idea. But if there’s some reason for a workable size limit, would be nice if they stated that. To me it’s like saying we can make a 32-page book for you, but not a 320-page book…or we can count to 512 but not 1,024.

    WP2Static is a fine plugin, no doubt, for developers. I also tried a couple dozen different ways over many hours to get it to work, and even with feedback from the developers, and it simply didn’t do what it seemed to claim.

    I am not eager to spend money, but it might be the best way to neatly preserve eight years’ worth of material.

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