• Yearly subscription in order to access to the most important feature. If it was a one time payment it would still be ridiculously overpriced, but this on top of that a early payment. Get a theme with built in photo proofing for half that price and you’re set for life with a one time payment.
    Even the free version is buggy or missing vital features like deleting photos from collections… Can’t be done… Have to delete entire collections and start over.

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  • Plugin Author Claudio Rimann


    Hi Nesdam

    Thanks for your interest in picu. The ratings in here are usually meant be used to rate the free version and not the Pro Version that is sold outside of the WordPress repository. But let me try to answer your questions:

    1. Which features are you missing from the free version that you would see as “most important”? We’re always happy to receive feature requests, no need for a 1-star review for that… 😉

    2. A yearly subscription is only required to receive future updates and support for the Pro version. You can use the modules after that, but only active licenses get updates/support. Which is pretty much the de-facto standard for WP-products.

    3. Would be interested to know which plugins/themes do that (same features, one time payment, half the price)! Let us know and we would love to check them out.

    4. Removing images from a collection is actually possible, but only until you sent the collection to your client. After that, the collection stays the way it is (but could be reopened).

    If you have other support questions you’d like to get answers to, please ask them in the support forums and we are more than happy to help where we can!

    If you have other constructive feedback or pre-sale questions about the Pro Version, please send us an email to info@picu.io and we’re glad to have a look at it.


    I’m using this plugin in my daily professional photography work and disagree with the @nesdam1981.
    I prefer paying and knowing, that the tool, that became important for business, is supported and will be continued in future.
    Yes, the tool does not allow changing galleries after sending it to the client, which is the only way to do it for a reliable proofing process. It’s a proofing and not a gallery plugin. Just understand what it all is about – in that niche it’s perfect. Less is more.

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