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  • okay there seems to be alot out there but i need
    rss feed that will use the topics pulled from it and post them on my blog. Something that can handle 20+ feeds and possibly have different times for the feeds to be imported.

    I had this feature on my pligg site and loved it. (rss import module)

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  • anybody??

    Using my search button, I found a good place to start:

    hmm thanks i didn’t see that section in the plugins before

    was also hoping for something a little more user friendly lol oh well

    Why do people want to repost other people’s content like this? Even if we ignore the fact that it’s illegal, you’re basically running a splog at that point.

    Are there *any* legitimate reasons for these sorts of plugins?

    I’ve used feedwordpress in the past as a sort of (low budget) blog network aggregator. Collected category feeds from some friends’ blogs into one main site.

    Based on how often I find my content at other sites, I’ll agree that most often this stuff is used for splogging, but there are valid and legitimate uses as well. 🙂

    some say rss feed but if i m going to import only spefic category excerpt? can any help

    there are many legitimate reasons for a good plug to handle this. i am looking for a plug and here are my reasons ..

    i run many sites. one of my sites is a portfolio site and i would like to have a page for each of my other sites. this would be a page not for posts – but when i want to add bookmarks of places online that i have found related to me, i can add them to my claim ID and use the rss to post it to my portfolio blog.

    but for two of my other sites they rely heavily on resource listings. i tried several directory like plugs that are to burdensome. i’ve tried regular posts but don’t like the style and still a bit slow to work with. so i am using a bookmarking service with bookmarklet for one click resource saving, the service i use has rss feed – running the rss feed through feedburner and using the html output as a pages to show the bookmarks.

    what i would like to do now is be able to use that rss feed to create a post for each listing i put through the bookmark service and by using navt and category organizers creating a small directory of the resources related to the web site.

    so in a nutshell there is two reasons i need a plugin that can import rss feeds as posts.

    feedburner does a good job creating a html output, but it doesn’t create posts. creating posts allows for better seo, separate tagging and ping.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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