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  • I have installed v2.5.1 on my websites, but need help understanding some concepts that are new to me.

    Specifically, I am naïvely expecting that some feature will make my WordPress blog posts appear automagically on OTHER, commercial blogs and Social Networking sites, so I won’t have to re-format and re-upload them to multiple places, which would be a hassle, as it takes time and effort to format an article for best readability.

    I’ve read about PingBack and TrackBack, but am unsure about precisely when these are invoked, and unsure if these features make it unnecessary to actually have an account on the other sites. Moreover, when I DO have an account on the other sites, do these features result in the type of full-content, automatic cross-posting that I am expecting?

    Alternatively, PingBack and TrackBack could simply be “handshaking standards” that just bounce some links back and forth without generating the same amount of interest in my posts as would result from my joining multiple other sites and manually posting redundant copies of my blog’s articles to those sites.

    I’ve read many articles that spit out acronyms and lots of jargon, but they don’t provide adequate conceptual basics for a noob blogger, even one such as myself who has been writing software for 40 years, but has had no prior interest in blogging.

    Moreover, the WordPress Documentation, though exquisitely hyperlinked, sometimes runs us noobs in circles, without getting to the bottom of things.

    I will eventually learn the ropes, but right now I don’t know whether to spend my time writing articles that might die a lonely death on my own blogsites, or instead, spend my time joining a number of other sites and assume that the magic Transparent Aggregation Genie will automatically propagate my posts for me.

    Any insights you could provide are appreciated — on PingBack, TrackBack, or general blog promotion strategies.

    Thanks in advance,
    [sig moderated]

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  • You can use Google to find information about how to drive traffic to your blog (which is your underlying question, I presume); the Internet is inundated with it. I’m not sure this is the place for it because, although your blog may be drive by WordPress, this isn’t an issue specific to WP.

    If what you’ve found so far is overwhelming to you, I’m not sure anyone here can and would break it down any further.

    Just some clarification…

    If I am overwhelmed, it is not about SEO. In fact, the words “search” and “engine” are conspicuously absent from my query.

    Instead, I inquire about those technologies that facilitate cross-posting, so that I can minimize unnecessary “joining and posting” time.

    Sorry I wasn’t more clear about that.

    Don’t hurt me.

    You can’t force your posts to appear on other people’s sites, the site owners have to facilitate it, probably using RSS.

    Oh good christ. I’m tired of everyone thinking that blog traffic has to do with SEO and vice versa. Search engines love content. Fresh original content. Write for yourself. Bear in mind that if your articles appear in more than one or two spots you might get tagged for duplicate content.

    I’m not really sure WHAT you are asking. There’s plenty of information out there about pingbacks and trackbacks, and it’s pretty clear. Those are but two vehicles by which you can interact with other bloggers and web sites, but as hungrypickle observed, you can’t strongarm anyone into adding your link, much less your content, to their web sites.

    That being said, however, there ARE sites where you can submit articles in your field of expertise, so you might want to consider that.

    I don’t think dKyrie has a solid grasp on the concepts unfortunately.

    I’m also not particularly sure to which social sites they’re referring… perhaps if that were made more clear then the breakdown in communication would become more apparent.

    There’s absolutely no need (in fact it’s counter-productive) to duplicate your posts on other sites. If your content is of value, it will find its way.

    Your best bet to drive visitors to your sites is to consider blogging as a three-pronged approach.

    1) write excellent original content on as narrow a topic as you can. Write content which inspires action on the part of the reader – passive content which is observational in nature (most blogs) is meaningless to anyone but you.

    Basically, nobody cares what you think, they just care about how you can help or entertain them.

    2) If you must observe, then observe in your field of expertise. Write insightful editorials expanding on other people’s content, and link to several articles which you’re expanding on. This will drive traffic to those blogs, but it will also drive traffic from theirs to yours, via pingbacks. It’s your way of joining an active discussion with your particular brand of insight.

    3) Make an effort when you comment on others’ blogs. Write the kind of comments that make people want to know more about this masked stranger with brilliant insight. If you do that, they’ll click-through.

    I’m doing barely any of that on my personal blog, so I can tell you for sure that if you don’t do it, you won’t get very far 😉

    If you do all that on a topic that’s reachable enough to the average reader, people *will* link to you… you’ll have similar success if your content is exceptional on a topic that’s not quite as reachable.

    … if you write crap about stuff everyone else is writing about, get used to writing for your own gratification.

    Excellent insights — very thoughtful, and helpful.

    Thanks, guys.

    On my blog today I’ve placed the best single-source URL I’ve seen for enlightening us noobs who have “Web 2.0 fever”:

    You can bypass my blog by going directly to, where you will find free PDFs on salient topics such as terminology, monetizing your blog, lenses & hubs, social bookmarking, etc., in addition to tips such as “Bookmarking your own post is frowned upon — it is better to let your visitors do that.”

    The automatic cross-posting of blog posts that I alluded to last week is also discussed — including WP cross-posting plug-ins. (See page 14 of the “Monetizing Secrets of Going Web-Social” PDF.)

    All the PDFs can be read in less than two hours, and are sprinkled with easy-to-ignore ads promoting the various authors’ products or services.

    Great resource for noobs sharing my spot on the learning curve.

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