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  • I downloaded the files, unzipped, got to the ReadMe, but when I open wp-admin/install.php, I get the following message:

    Error: PHP is not running
    WordPress requires that your web server is running PHP. Your server does not have PHP installed, or PHP is turned off.

    Now I can’t figure out how to download PHP to download WordPress.

    I assume there is a step-by-step guide out there I can use?
    TIA for any assistance!

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  • If you are trying to install WordPress on your local computer you will need to setup WAMP or XAMPP (Windows) of MAMP (Mac) first. More info on that can be found WordPress_Installation_Techniques.

    Otherwise you need a host and domain registered to install and setup WordPress on.

    My apologies for not specifying. I am installing on Windows. I just installed WAMP, got it running in the background, and I still get the same error message when trying to open wp-admin/install.php.

    I have hosting at DreamHost. Does that factor into this part of the process?

    Where are your WordPress install files located on your PC? They need to be placed in a specific folder within the WAMP directory => wammp/www/

    It’s a good practice to create a subfolder within the www folder for your site as you may want to setup multiple sites and having them in their own folders will help organize them.

    You need to make sure the all services are enabled in WAMP and that you have a database created for the WordPress install.

    WAMP is located at: C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\wamp

    WordPress files are located at: C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\wamp\Wordpress

    Is that correct? What’s the next step?
    (Thnks for the help, I am a Mechanical Engineer, and Computers and EE are the bane of my existence)

    Take a look in the wamp folder. You should see a www folder. Your site files need to be in side the www folder.

    It would end up being:


    When you visit localhost in your browser what do you see?

    OK, got the WordPress folder under the www folder.

    When I type in “localhost” into the search bar:

    View post on

    I never asked, but since you mentioned having a DreamHost account…

    What are you attempting to do? Do you want a locally installed WP site for testing and development, or do you want your site to be accessible online at a domain name?

    I have no idea. I want to make a website, and host it at Dreamhost.

    In that case I would start by logging into yor Dreamhost account.

    You have the option of installing WordPress via their One-click install. It’s the quickest way to get you up and running, but not always the cleanest. If you want more control of the installation you can upload the wordpress zip file and extract on your site folder, create a database through the hosting control pannel and install.

    Installing locally on your PC will allow you to host your site on the web. It is mainly used to test and develop before going live.

    That last statement should have been..

    Installing locally on your PC will NOT allow you to host your site on the web. It is mainly used to test and develop before going live.

    OK, got that installed via Dreamhost.

    Does this mean I can uninstall:
    – WAMP
    – PHP

    from my computer’s local drive?

    Yep, not something you are going to need.

    OK thanks again for the help!

    In the wordpress on the site, it looks like I have a blog? I don’t want that to be my format. I want to model it more like this site:

    How can I cahnge the entire layout to be more like that?

    For reference, this is the site I want to launch:

    And the wordpress-installed via Dreamhost takes me here:

    You can set your home page to be a static page. Under Settings > Reading you have an option for Front page displays… Choose static and the page you want (you will need a page created first). You don’t have to set a Post page (blog).

    As for the other question, follow the instruction under the section Using a pre-existing subdirectory install on the following page

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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