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    Hi, all! I’m currently going through the paces of setting up my domain using WordPress, and I’m trying to configure a static front page. After reading the codex on creating one, I’m confused as to whether I should have WP installed in its own folder, or just straight in the root.

    I currently have it in its own folder, and there is no other index.php file located in the root (I’m thinking this acts much like a standard html page, right?). According to the codex, I shouldn’t have to create or rename the index file (I’m assuming the file located in the wordpress folder), however, since I’m not renaming or creating a file, and I’ve set up my options-reading to pull up the default about page, I’ve run into a little problem. When I view the page-pointed at the folder named wordpress, everything is fine. However, if I type in my domain, I get a 403 Forbidden error saying I don’t have permission to access / (root).

    My question is, am I missing a step here? I see older instructions detailing making a copy of the index.php file and putting it in the root. Should I be using this method? Is my version outdated? Should I uninstall and reinstall WP straight into the root? Is that safe?(Okay, multiple questions)

    Sorry for sounding so stupid, but my most recent knowledge only extends to css. Php is a really new field for me, and I’m still learning how to configure.

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  • Login and change your Options->General, Blog Address (URL) so it has just your domain (not /wordpress on the end).

    Put this index.php in your web-root folder (same directory level as your wordpress folder)

    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    If your WP install is not in the root – then you need to follow the setup described here if you want it to appear at your domain’s root.

    Thanks! These worked like a charm. It’s a beautiful thing…

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