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none of the member links are working…

  • Great plugin, but when the member clicks on “Events I’m attending” “My events” or “my bookings” etc. then they just get redirected to the homepage and there’s no relevant information… any idea why that is?

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  • I’m having the same problem. TWhen I click on any of te member Events links, it redirects me to the home page.

    COuld this be a problem with the lates update? Any help is highly appreciated.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    might be, we’re fixing some problems in bp atm and expect a release today

    Same for me too.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    ok better late than never but shoul be fixed now

    Hi Marcus – this is still happening – just in case it has not been reported.

    Same with me. the problem is not solved

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    for most with this issue (and everyone I helped in pro) this seems to have been resolved, or at least an obvious bug causing this was fixed.

    this could be a theme issue (most likely) or a conflicting plugin (less likely). can you confirm this still happens if you revert to the default theme? it could also be some sort of permission error if you have plugins that deal with user access

    It is a multisite.

    I am using the default buddypress theme. Do you know of any problem with the default theme. I also have a lot of plugins installed. Would you have a list of the plugin with which events Manager has problems?

    Another problem I have faced is with the permalinks. When I activate the events manager with custom permalink, the home page show a list of function errors in wp-class.php. When I change the permalinks to defaul, it get back to normal. But the link problem still exists.

    I was thinking of getting the pro version but I’m not sure if these problems will go away with the pro version.

    Is there anyway i can do something about these problems myself? Or would they be solved if I buy the pro version?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    it works fine with bp themes. I don’t have a list, it’s impossible to maintain but chances are it’s that if you’re using the default bp theme.

    Are you using em on the homepage? I’ve heard that this has issues only today on here so I need to check this asap. Try changing that. However, with bp you have to disable error_reporting as it has a lot of warnings that get output.

    They won’t go way but can help you better as a pro member 🙂

    I am using Fishbook – and it does not work. When I switch to default it works.

    So my next question – does this mean that it will never work unless I get into re-writing lots of things?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    probably not, you need to have the plugins.php within the right folders. If you compare the bp theme with yours it should contain some of these folders within your theme (e.g. members, groups, forums, etc.).

    if it’s not bp/compatible you need to get the bp compatability plugin.

    My problem is still not solved. I am using BP default theme and for some reason each link of events manager in the BP admin menu goes to the homepage. Following are the plugins that I have installed:

    Networks for wordpress
    Anflex GA – Google Analytics for WordPress
    Multisite User Management
    BP Posts on profile
    BP Profile Search
    BP Show Friends
    BuddyPress Docs
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
    BuddyPress Private Community
    Events Manager
    Private BuddyPress (Inactive)
    Personal welcome (Inactive)
    one Quick Post (Inactive)
    Inactivity Auto Sign Out Plugin (Inactive)
    Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar (Inactive)
    AG Custom Admin (Inactive)
    BM Custom Login (Inactive)
    BP-Registration-Options (Inactive)

    Do you know if any of the plugins above have conflicted with EM? I need to get this working asap and haven’t been able to find the solutions since last two weeks.

    if possible, you can try deactivating those and switching to default theme or if you have a local site which you can try a fresh install.

    I tried a fresh install. It worked for a while and then it showed the same problem. Could this be some bug with BP and not EM?



    Forum Moderator

    What version of BuddyPress are you using? Have you asked about this on http://buddypress.org/forums/ ?

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