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[Resolved] None of the buttons, options or links work

  • C W (VYSO)


    It looks very good, but it doesn’t work yet.

    When I click on “Crop Thumbnails”, the box appears. But when I try to click on a thumbnail size, nothing happens. There is no rectangle to resize the images either. I have tried using several different browsers.

    Is there a script missing from the package?


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  • Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    I have no clue, i need more informations to help you.
    Do you use the actual wordpress (3.4.2)?

    Are there any JS-Bugs?
    To view the bugs, use Google-Chrome:

    • right-click on “crop-thumbnails” and choose “open in new tab”
    • when you are in the thumbnails editor, hit “F12” to get into chrome developer-tools
    • click on “Console” (on the top icon-line)
    • are there any errors listed?
    C W (VYSO)


    Yes, I am using WordPress 3.4.2. I found the problem using the Chrome console, as you suggested: there was another plugin that caused a conflict.

    However, there’s a new problem in this plugin. At first, I can click on a thumbnail size. But when I click on a different thumbnail size after this, I always get a “Wrong ratio! OK – release images selected so far. Cancel – keep selected images so far” error message. This message always appears, even when I have not cropped any thumbnails.

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Cyril,
    what other plugin causes the error? Maybe the bug/problem is on my side.

    At your second problem:
    Once you had selected one thumbnail-size, you can ONLY SELECT THOSE SIZES WITH THE SAME RATIO. If you want to select another image ratio you have to deselect all.

    C W (VYSO)


    The plugin which caused the conflict was “Juiz Smart Mobile Admin”, if you want to look at that. Other users have reported problems with that plugin, so I think the bug is more likely to be caused by Juiz Smart Mobile Admin, not your plugin.

    Thanks very much for the tip about clicking, it works well now! However, I wonder if there is a better way to do this. Your plugin will work well if a website has different thumbnail sizes with the same ratio. However, if a website has two or three thumbnail sizes with different ratios, you have to press “deselect all” after every thumbnail. Maybe in a future version, you could change the functions, so that (for example) “click” automatically deselects the current thumbnail and selects the new thumbnail, and “shift + click” selects both the current and the new thumbnail.

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Cyril,
    you are right on that. I will adjust the selection in the next version.
    There will be only a single select, but do autoselect all sizes with the same ratio (maybe you can turn that autoselect on/off).

    C W (VYSO)


    Great, thanks very much for your help!

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Cyril,
    i uploaded version 0.7.0 where i changed some parts of the selection process. It’s not the way you descripted above, but i think its a lot easier and faster to use now.

    @volkmar Kantor

    I’m having trouble using the plugin.
    It works fine (opens new window and select the images correctly), however the highlighted image is not saved and / or replaced properly by the new (image cropped), after I click to save.
    No error is displayed and I’m using FireFox 17.

    Could you help me with this? (or even if it actually is a bug not reported)
    If you need a screnshot let me know;-)

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Alex,
    that is strange. It may be on php-side of the plugin i think. I tested the firefox a few minutes ago without any problem.

    OK, some questions, maybe we will find something:

    • Have you been testet with different images?
    • If its a single one that wont work: how big is the image (in pixel) and what type?
    • do you had uploaded the image recently?
    • what size you want to crop (pixel-size of the thumbnails)?
    • did it process (show the loading-animation after click on “crop thumbnail”)?
    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    for all other readers: the initial question from Cyril was on Version 0.6.0 – the bug was probably caused by another plugin (Juiz Smart Mobile Admin)
    please use a NEW SUPPORT ENTRY if you have a problem

    Yes, I was tested in several different posts in several images, all had the limitation that informed.

    I’m trying to cut images with measurements of 330×220. As I told you tried on various types of images (PNG and JPG) all of them I’d uploaded recently.

    Take a look at screnshots below 😉



    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Alex,
    ok, now i understand what you think is wrong. In the last image you exspect to see the croped version in the “featured image” box.

    When you define a featured image, you define one image to be the featured image. This image may be stored on the server in different sizes and aspect-ratio / crop. In your theme-files you can define what size will be displayed by using get_the_post_thumbnail() — see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_the_post_thumbnail.

    In your case you have to use get_post_thumbnail($post->ID, ‘thumbs_small’)
    – where $post->ID is the ID of your post
    – thumbs_small is the image-size you want to use

    In the featured image box will be shown only one image-size (and i dont know exectly how to define what size will be shown there). But on the site there will be shown the image-size you have defined in your theme files.

    hope that helps
    good luck

    Now I understand.

    I thought the plugin would move directly into the box “Featured image”.
    Is there a way of effecting exchanges directly in that box?
    Thus no change in themes and your plugin would be required would be more intuitive and more used.

    Another thing you could implement in your plugin would upload using drag and drop, as there is this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/drag-drop-featured-image/

    Anyway I am very grateful for your help!


    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi Mark, the Box defines only which image is choosed – not what size.
    You can have 20 different image-sizes per featured-image.

    Hi and thnks for the plugin,
    ive tried to make the test with GoogleChrome as you wirte and this is the result:
    GET http://www.animamundi.it/wp-content/plugins/xhanch-my-twitter/css/css.php 500 (Internal Server Error) admin-ajax.php:7
    Uncaught ReferenceError: ajaxurl is not defined wp-lists.js:1
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘wpList’

    Ive have the same problem as people beofre, There is no rectangle to resize the images either also if I have tried using several different browsers and try to deactivate xhanch plugin,

    please can you help me and thank again

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