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  • I installed this plugin, and after declining the initial prompt on signing up to, nothing displays – not the settings page, not the subscribers page, nothing … one just a blank screen on each admin section clicked.

    I turned on developer tools, but that displays no page load errors.

    I turned on WP_DEBUG, and the following are seen in the logs, seems every time one of the admin pages is visited :

    WordPress database error Table 'wp_fv_enteries' doesn't exist for query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wp_fv_enteries made by require_once('wp-admin/admin-header.php'), do_action('admin_print_scripts'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, WDN_ConfigHideNotices->catchNotices, WPV_FV\Plugin->fv_review

    • Could this be a bug or conflict with something ?
    • I installed it, without having created any active forms from the supported forms plugins, could that be the cause? … the situation remained the same after I added a couple of Caldera Forms
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      @satishprajapati I have removed your reply, do not send users off of these forums again. Your account may be banned if you have a repeat of that.

      @pelsar Do not send @wpvibes Can you explain why there is a repeat of this? I thought you were going to deal with this last time. It has been a little over two weeks and I am close to banning Satish from for a repeat of this.

      Thanks for stepping in, @jdembowski … It’s great to know that someone is looking out for all of us.

      I have not seen the reply from @satishprajapati, however, I am not likely to give admin access just because a plugin doesn’t work. This site is in production.

      @satishprajapati I think you should point me to how I can troubleshoot this, perhaps suggest config settings I may be able to turn on and outputs that may help you figure out what’s going on.

      I am not a novice and I am capable of troubleshooting things, especially if you point me in the right direction.

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      Try this plugin.

      It let’s you log in, try some basic troubleshooting steps, enable disable plugins without changing anything for your visitors.

      So while you are troubleshooting when you are logged into your site, your users will not have any production impact or see anything that is different. It’s a really good tool for trying to get data and identify if there is a conflict somewhere and not impact or even annoy your users.

      Plugin Author WP VIBES


      Hi @laymonk

      We have identified an issue with our plugin. In some cases, it failed to create the database table that are necessary to run the plugin.
      We are working on a fix and will be releasing an update soon.

      @wpvibes, thank you very much for the prompt response. I have not used this plugin before, but it looks really useful for my use case. Thank you very much for making it available for general use.


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