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  • This plugin is exactly what I’m looking for so I have created a fresh install (wordpress and your plugin) and popped the s8-registration-form shortcode in the ‘Hello World’ post. So far, so good. When I start testing:

    1. Log out results in the home page.
    2. Attempt to visit /wp-login.php?action=logout&no-redirect=true, which shows the “Do you really want to log out?” page, but that link goes to /login/?action=logout… which in turn goes to the home page.
    3. Continue testing from a different browser (not logged in).
    4. /wp-login.php redirects to /login/?redirect=… which results in the home page.
    5. Submitting the register form posts to /login/?action=register&redirect=… but does nothing (no email sent) and results in the home page.
    6. Following the ‘Forgot Password?’ link goes to /login/?action=forgot but no email is sent and results in the home page.
    7. Login link results in the home page.

    When I turn on permalinks all of the above results in a 404 error.

    My web server is using fastcgi with a php wrapper. Please help.


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  • Okay, here’s my best shot:

    The “no-redirect=true” option is intended to work primarily with the login action as its purpose was to be a work around option in the event the plugin kept you from logging in.

    The rest of your issues may actually be related to your theme (do these issues exist using a theme like Twenty Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen?). Depending on how the theme is written it can make the plugin behave in unexpected ways. We try to make it compatible, but every theme is written differently and not all adhere to WordPress standards. I recommend creating a custom template file in your theme and name it ‘s8-login.php’. Here is a quick example of a basic file, you will probably need to add some additional HTML markup to wrap around the content, but this is where I would start.

    EDIT: Also, make sure your page links look like instead of, the plugin doesn’t work with the latter.

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