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  • Hi, Upon reviewing my site, i realised that none of my SEO settings (From HeadSpace2) were being set in, just takes the global SEO From the theme, I want my depth in my SEO, but I do not wish to lose the theme.

    So I done some searching around, to find that wp_head was not found in header.php & wp_footer was not found in footer.php
    But of course these to snippets of code are in the top.php, and the bottom.php But HeadSpace2 appears to ignore the fact that this snippets are in those files(top.php & bottom.php), and only looks for it in header and footer files.

    Initially thinking it’ll be as easy as adding the snippets into the two files, and removing it from the top+bottom files, this just lead to 500 error, the site would not load, or site to load, but content, and layout to be broken.

    It appears that it does not matter, where or how I add the wp_head+wp_footer codes to there respective files. It always errors on site load!
    The theme that is being used is called “theGame” By The Smart Magazine ThemesVersion 2.0 (

    How do you suggest getting working SEO with the theme?
    What code to add, or remove, (Included SEO with theme is very basic(site wide meta tags, and descriptions don’t work for me, needs to be better, with more depth and control)).

    Plugin settings page through the admin panels says:

    There are some issues with your theme that may prevent HeadSpace functioning correctly.
    wp_head was not found in header.php (documentation)
    wp_footer was not found in footer.php (documentation)

    Despite being in the top.php, and bottom.php

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  • Things have now changed slightly, It’s not working quite right.
    “Page Title:” in the ‘edit Page’ in completely ignored.
    “Description:” & “Keywords:” are grabbed, but under another set of descriptions and keywords. Giving the page TWO LOTS of description and keywords. This is Very Bad as the second set(From headspace2) are ignore when search engines look at them.

    So the confusion one first post. Not that it wasn’t working at all, it was that it isn’t editing. It’s adding on…

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