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  • Only 4 out of your last 5 posts were unanswered. Currently you are receiving answers on 50% of all of your posts – which isn’t too bad. This forum is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers and whilst we do try to answer as many questions as we can, on a forum of this size, it is inevitable that some questions will go unanswered. If you want to see the number of unanswered questions reduced, please feel free to pitch in and help out.

    An alternative would be to consider hiring someone to assist you instead.

    Thank you for your curt reply.

    The only issue that has been answered is one of your colleagues establishing that I owned both profiles one for christiansbelieve and this one. When I merged bbpress with wppress food for thought it defaulted to christiansbelieve. The set up is now correct but I am still left with the password issues that I have had for a week.

    With regards to chipping in and helping out. As my issues are not being resolved that leaves me with 2 problems;
    1. I am clueless how to resolve issues. No one is showing me how to resolve mine.
    2. My experiences with wordpress and bbpress are far from encouraging

    As for hiring someone to help me. The selling point of wordpress is that anyone can install it and set it up. Which in my opinion means that I shouldn’t need to hire anyone nor be experiencing the problems that I have. I also don’t have IT knowledge for today’s technology (what is a slug etc).

    I am also currently unemployed so if you want to pay for someone to assist me please feel free to do so. It will be appreciated.

    The fact that you say 50% of my posts have been answered and that i should be grateful. is far from helpful. I’m still experiencing issues that are preventing me from using wordpress and bbpress as it should be.

    I understand that you are volunteers but the root of the problem is the premature release of the current wordpress version. it obviously wasn’t tested enough before releasing it. Also as someone else has said the documentation for integration with bbpress hasn’t been updated. That isn’t my problem. I’m just an end user and see what there is on my screen.

    In my opinion wordpress are taking advantage of it’s volunteers to keep costs down. That is unfair on you guys.

    I live in Helsinki, Finland and in one of their papers there has been a double page spread about the virtues of blogging and WordPress. that is why I chose this software. I have arranged to see the editor next Friday to discuss and demonstrate how difficult and unhelpful and now how rude wordpress advisers can be.

    the root of the problem is the premature release of the current wordpress version. it obviously wasn’t tested enough before releasing it.

    It was tested for months before release. And tens of thousands of users are not experiencing your problems – which suggest that your issues are specific to your site/install.

    wordpress are taking advantage of it’s volunteers to keep costs down

    WordPress is FREE. doesn’t make any money.

    how rude wordpress advisers can be.

    What “wordpress advisers”? There are none.

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    When I merged bbpress with wppress food for thought it defaulted to christiansbelieve

    Of note – that ‘merge’ is entirely outside of WP. You don’t have the ability to merge profiles between two accounts (I don’t either. Otto might, but I wouldn’t ask him, since it’s a hassle.).

    Your asking BBPRESS questions on the WORDPRESS site. Of course you’re not getting a lot of traction here 🙂 That’s why we have a whole separate site, after all. I see you’ve been asking this same thing there:

    You’re duplicating effort for diminishing returns. All you bbPress questions have a related post on the bbPress site, so I’ve cross-linked and closed ’em for you. shooo very nicely explained why you’re having some problems with your plugins.

    Thank you for your reply.

    The issues that I have experienced are related to integrating bbpress. I followed their instructions which generated the widgets/plugins etc.

    From my point of view the issue was with wordpress as the plugins etc are in my wordpress dashboard.

    Also I originally chose twenty eleven because it does say in that theme information that it is compatible with bbpress. I have since learned through watching an online tutorial about integrating bbpress a few days ago that twenty eleven only works if you import templates from other themes. I decided to switch to twenty ten as it is flagged with the bbpress logo and the forum appears to be aligned to the left hand margin. The link to the video is posted as a sticky in the wordpress forum and after I posted my issues with bbpress and wppress integration.

    Just before replying to this forum I received a reply from bbpress. I was advised that there was no need to install bbpress widgets in wordpress. Since the last upgrades it can be done automatically.

    At the end of the day I followed the available instructions which are now out of date and useless!

    My issues have arisen through following wordpress and bbpress documentation and nothing else. WordPress theme documentation on twenty eleven states that it is bbpress compatible. At the time I installed it the documentation didn’t say that you need to import different template widgets to get it to work.

    At the time of integrating bbpress it defaulted to my christiansbelieve blog which I didn’t think was still in existence. I created that blog with the intention of integrating it into my website I couldn’t find a way to do it. the bbpress software selected that blog in preference to my food for thought blog. I wasn’t asked what account to link it to or wasn’t advised to check that old accounts had been deleted. In hindsight I made the wrong assumption about it being deleted. But then I did generate the integration within my Food for Thought dashboard account.

    The christiansbelieve blog wasn’t mentioned in my wordpress dashboard either.

    A few hours ago I renamed a page for the bbpress forum from food for thought to forum. In doing that I seem to have lost all the topics that I created in bbpress. They don’t show when I click on the topic button in the forum section of the dashboard. I’m hoping the video will resolve this.

    The forum does show on a page in my blog but it is a very different set up to how it is shown in bbpress. If need be I can sort this out later.

    At the end of the day I got into this situation through following out of date documentation and documentation that wasn’t accurate. I’ve received a reply to a post saying that the documentation is out of date and sparse.

    I have no knowledge of html code or programming websites. I use a drag and drop web design software program. The last time I did programming was when I did COBOL programming in the mid eighties and microsoft SX chipped computers were the dream to own.

    Because of the issues that I have had with bbpress I’ve installed a vanilla forum into my website. All I had to do with that is cut out 2 lines of code (presumably for the plug in) and paste that into a html insert into my website software. It was very easy to integrate into my website.

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    Half of the problem is you’re talking about multiple, DIFFERENT things.

    1) You had issues logging in to – This is 100%, totally, completely, I swear to anything, unrelated to your issues on your website. You MUST learn to seperate your issues if you expect any help.

    2) Your background doesn’t matter to us – It really doesn’t. The best MultiSite wizard out there is a homeschooling stay at home mom, who doesn’t like to code. She’s still the best. We’re used to people coming from ‘non traditional’ backgrounds, and generally aim for the simplest answers we can becuase of it.

    3) Issues with bbPress should be asked on – That’s where the smart people there hang out, and they have answered your questions. Yes, bbPress is a WordPress plugin, but, pay attention, it has it’s own, dedicated support forum. Go there and ask for help if you want better, more accurate, and (probably) faster help.

    From my point of view the issue was with wordpress as the plugins etc are in my wordpress dashboard.

    That’s understandable, but incorrect. The issue is with bbPress. WordPress, on it’s own, works fine. bbPress, the plugin you added in, is not working. The problem is, thusly, with bbPress.

    Please stop asking for the exact same help in multiple places and multiple threads – You make it harder for the volunteers to help you. You have posts on – – please continue your support requests there.

    I have been receiving comments about bbpress issues that i have posted in this forum.

    The reason they were posted here was that no one until today had answered them and even now the real issue hasn’t been resolved with bbpress and that is I can’t log into my bbpress admin dashboard. I keep getting an unregistered user message.

    The bbpress site does say that if you don’t get answers in their forum to post them in this one.

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