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  • apache server on debian 10. i’ve updated our site from php 7.0 to php 7.3. using the current kahuna theme i now get the following error in apache logs:
    A non well formed numeric value encountered in …/wp-content/themes/kahuna/includes/custom-styles.php on line 640

    the offending line appears to read:
    #header-page-title .entry-title { font-size: <?php echo absint( $kahuna_ftitlessize – 20 ) ?>%; }
    i cant find any generated css to see what is ‘non well formed’.

    any suggestions of fixes?


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  • note this is on latest kahuna – v1.5.1

    so the problem is this line:

    #header-page-title .entry-title { font-size: <?php echo absint( $kahuna_ftitlessize - 20 ) ?>%; }

    where $kahuna_ftitlessize return 160% which obvoiusly is not a well formed number.
    i don’t kkow where the error comes fromm so this fixes it for now:
    #header-page-title .entry-title { font-size: <?php echo absint( rtrim($kahuna_ftitlessize, "%") - 20 ) ?>%; }

    of course that’s a core hack so it will get lost next update.
    hoping for a fix in the next release please…. !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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