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  • Hello Karolina
    you should make the theme’s widget template file compatible with qtranlsate-X

    I am using Qtranslete X with Storefront theme, combination which should work if any, and I have the same problem. Problem was introduced couple of months ago, before everything worked just fine.
    @vyskoczilova if it is possible to have same product title/name in Czech and English, this problem is not visible, see INSPIROY G10T product in side widget at my site
    Qtranslate X is great plugin but unfortunately it’s not maintained any more. Last update was 12 months ago. I tried to contact developers through their website contact form with no success. It seems this plugin is “dying” and you can expect even more problems in future.
    My recommendation is to start (re)searching for other multi-language solution. Btw, I decided to make 2 WP installations, one for each language instead of multi-language plugin, work in progress ( and

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    Hi. It happens to me too.

    I have the same site, duplicate in another server.

    In one server its ok but in the other server the product title in widget doesn’t work.

    Appears like that: [:pt]Macação – Africa as riscas[:en]Jumpsuit – Nude Kiss [:fr]Jumpsuit – Nude Kiss [:]

    Can you please advise?

    Same here. I’m using the twenty seventeen theme.

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    I use woocommerce with qtranslate-x and the storefront theme. I’m encountering a problem with the product titles in the loops on the static front page. After changing the language everything gets translated except the aforementioned product titles. When I save a random product in the backend and refresh the frontpage the titles are displayed in the correct language. I tested it with the twenty seventeen and the twenty sixteen themes and the error is reproducible. I had other places where the translation did not work in the desired way but was able to get rid of them but not this one. The qtranlate-x team on Github is unfortunately not very helpful either.

    Did anybody of you have the same problems and if yes how did you solve them?

    @robertpokorn, I saw that you changed from qtranslate-x to WPML. Why did you change? Would you advice others to do the same?

    I already entered a whole bunch of products, categories and so on. It would really be a pain in the a… to change the translation plugin just to find out that there are other inconsistancies that will bug me.

    Thanks for your help in advance


    @almai, I changed to WPML while of plugin maintanace and support. There is no maintenance and support for qTranslate-X for more than a year and some problems appeared, you have already stumbled upon some. I tried to contact qTranslate-X developers but there was no response. They actually promised to continue with maintenance and development on their site. This statement is on their site for more, as far as I know, for more than 8 months already, but no single line has been updated for more than a year. I’ve donated a small amount in January this year. But since there were no updates I started to search for an alternative solution.

    After trying with 2 installations, one for each language, I realize there is too much work with updating and maintaining content and products stock. Besides, my accounting solution can not be integrated with 2 sites with same SKUs.
    Shortly, the main reason for switching from 2 installations to 1 with ML plugin was maintenance, it’s much easier with one installation and ML plugin.

    I am now using WPML plugin, which I found not so user-friendly as qTranslate-X, but it works and it has support.


    thank you for your detailed answer. I had the same experience with the support. The plugin development is almost non existent. Although there are mixed opinions on WPML plugin I think I will give it another try. Thanks again for your help!


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