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  • With the inclusion of mysqli, this plugin is a crapshoot at best for anyone running their own environment. If you’re running an approved host, with the ability to enable php zipArchive, and the mysql mysqli plugin you’re totally set.

    In the event you’re using your own linux distro, or trying to get this plugin running properly on WAMP, XAMMP, or MAMP. Then you are unfortunately out of luck if you’re unable to use one of these plugins due to the configuration of your environment.

    I would gladly rate much higher if not for the simple fact that this plugin is built on extensions to core technologies, and not necessarily the core technologies themselves. Also the lack of documentation for how to set this plugin up properly with cPanel (The most widely distributed software backend), is most likely a push for the $75 an hour “service request”. Meaning if you are with a host using cpanel, its likely you’ll need additional help configuring this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Xenology,

    Thanks for the feedback! I think you are missing a few components to your review. This is a free plugin and currently in beta… It has worked for thousands of other people without issues. It is also a work in progress and is currently targeted at system admins and developers as it states on the description page. I’m currently trying to make it more robust and user friendly, but it does take time, and supporting every feature of a commercial product is not feasible when this is 100% free volunteer work and pretty much a one man project. Making this software is much more complex than most people realize. That is why commercial plug-ins like Backup Buddy are multi-million dollar pieces of software and have entire teams working on them year round.

    Even though thousands of hours of work have been put into getting things like the serialization engine and various other aspects of the plugin to work across all the different LAMP stacks its not designed to have everything out of the gate, it is a work in progress and requires feedback from the community and a software regression cycle to eventually become a production product.

    As far as cPanel, I have seen hundreds of instances where it works just fine. It fact the majority of most hosts reported using this plugin are cPanel. I have 3 separate cPanel accounts across 3 different hosts and they all work fine. I have also worked with hundreds of people who have successfully used the plugin with WAMP, XAMMP, or MAMP. I personally use XAMPP and have no issues. Yes you may have to do some setup and configuration to get things working, but that can be true with even some of the commercial backup plugins. Even on Linux distros I have spent days configuring shell scripts just to get a particular package to work, and this was from a commercial Red Hat Fedora package.

    As far as the $75/hour rate. That service has only been used 3-4 times, and those particular requests were for very complex migrations. Also it’s important to note that very little money is made from the premium service requests. I have probably made less that $500 since I started this plugin with the premium service. In fact more money is actually made from donations…

    It is also important to know that rate is actually a very common rate; see other popular plugins a like W3C, Better WP Security and Yoast SEO. Besides the plugin does offer a basic level of support which very few WordPress plugins even offer at all. I have worked with hundreds of people to get things going. Yes it may take a little patience and some troubleshooting but with some effort many people have gotten things to work just fine.

    As you can see that you’re the first and only person to actually leave a comment with a 3 stars or less… I hope you would reconsider your very low vote in response the global nature of this plugin. If you want to a open a support ticket again I can try to help point you in the right direction to get your environments setup to use the plugin.


    Dear lifeinthegrid,

    Thank you very much (!) for your comprehensive respond to Xenology’s remarks.
    As I’m about to start using (try it first) your plugin, while hosting several WordPress installations on (several) cPanel hosted servers, my attention was indeed drawn by this review.

    Having just found out about your plugin, after reading different positive reviews at, your effort to write such a clear and explaining answer, gives me even more confidence in trying out your product.

    Although I cannot imagine the time and effort you’ve put in your (free) product, I already appreciate it very much, indeed.

    All I can say, when your product would work for me, I will do my very best to support it in any way. Like spreading the word, or even making a donation.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Freax,

    Thanks for the kind remarks! I hope your able to get things running on your system… If you run into any issues feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to help out.


    ? Huh ?
    Some server configurations may cause problems but CPanel support has nothing to do with it. The plugin is a WP plugin, installed and configured through the WP admin. Have it running just fine on a few different hosts that use CPanel.

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