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    I have had non stop issues with my word press since i reinstalled it on my server it seems as though nobody has the capability of helping me , so what i think i am going to do is uninstall it and use a different application. i will see if i get better help some where else.

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    In my experience the amount of voluntary help that one receives is directly proportional to:

    – the amount one is willing to figure out/do for oneself
    – the amount of information supplied when posting a query
    – the pleasantness of the enquirer
    – the degree of patience shown

    I am sorry i didnt mean to sound rude i was just frustrated all though that is no excuse. anyway i am very new to this and i have been tring to work with the installation by using other themes ect, i just know nothing about the programing side of things and wonder if it my be in that area some where. i have no idea

    Everyone here offering advice is an unpaid volunteer. So it is a wasted effort to complain that you’re going to give up on WordPress — that is unlikely to make much difference to anyone in these forums.

    The learning curve for customization can be steep. The WordPress for Dummies book is pretty good for people who are still picking up technical skills.

    Alternatively, though, you could host your site with (or Blogger, for that matter), where most of the technical stuff is already taken care of — your ability to customize is somewhat diminished, but it may be a far less frustrating experience.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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