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  • Hi, i have really problems to make the WP to like a webpage. every time i make a new site, its Responsive, and it shouldn’t! how can i fix that?
    I tried to change it, but it doesn’t work , why can anyone tell me that ?


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  • Use a theme that is not “responsive” (look for fixed width) or modify the CSS for a responsive theme.

    Is it possible to tell me how 🙂 im pretty new as this !

    You’d need to have some experience and knowledge of how CSS works and is coded – are you familiar with CSS? It’s not generally a 1-size or simple fix, and also depends on the theme.

    You can use the filter function on this page to search for “fixed-width” themes.

    I bought i theme called origami from SiteOrigin, and i thought that it could, hmm

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    Are you posting here because SiteOrigin are not providing support for you?

    Im posting here hopefully to get some respons faster then they are im in a bit hurry 🙂

    Origami is my theme. At the moment, Origami doesn’t have an option to turn off the responsive layout. I’ve had a few requests for this though, so I would be happy to add it.

    Is this something you’d need?

    Yeah hi, i sended you a mail about it 🙂
    I really like this theme, and it would be so nice !
    If its possible to make, that will be so awesome.


    I’ll add an option to the free and premium versions of the theme. It might take me a few days to finish, but it’ll be in the next update.

    Thank you so much, i have now the premium version.
    Cuz i really want to support a nice work !

    But again thanks i will looking forward to the new update, will there be a note on my screen when the update are finish or ?

    Is it posible to change the headline in the pages, so it not always will be at the center?

    #Greg Priday
    Is it possible to have picture and text header in your beautiful theme ?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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