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  1. wgstjf
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Is there anyway to over-ride the plugin so that it includes the option to sort CPTs that have public set to false in the registration of the CPT? We have a situation where we have a custom post type for homepage slides and want to sort them but not have public set to true.




  2. PIXELovely
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I was having this same problem. I'd also really like to see an official solution.

    In the meantime, I modified the plugin myself to achieve what I wanted, and my solution for anyone else who is interested was this:

    1. Open intuitive-custom-post-order.php
    2. Remove 'public' => true from line 79
    3. Save and upload the new file.
    4. Open the plugin's admin folder.
    5. Open settings.php
    6. Remove 'public' => true from line 32
    7. Save and upload the new file.

    There are two issues to this method: Anytime the plugin updates, your changes will be overwritten, and removing the restriction against non-public things will cause Revisions and Menus to appear in your list of potential post types to change the order of. To me, this is worth it, but anyone who reads this will have to consider their own pros and cons for their particular situation.

    Perhaps there could be some kind of custom flag that devs could set on their post types if they want it to be hooked by this plugin even if it is non-public? I have created post types that were non-public that I wouldn't want to see custom ordered, and some that I have.

  3. inspireddevelopment
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I too would ike to see a config solution to this. I have many post types which populate a custom template, are set non-public to disable the single view, and as a result I'm not able to use ICPO with them.. SO i end up having to toggle them to public every time i want to resave ICPO. I've seen other plugins do this too, and while its a neat way to get rid of post types like Attachments appearing in the list I think there are very legitimate uses for CPTs being non-public.

    Surely it would be better to use an array filter to extract post types like Attachments etc from the CPT generated list, rather than blacklisting all non-public types... Or just have a toggle checkbox to show/hide non-public CPTs...

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