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  • I had a local sebsite firm design a blog using WP for me. He charged $630 and turned over the site to me. With no experience in this area, I asked about his customer service to help me learn about using the site. His response was to buy a book. ???? I have been posting blogs and creating pages, but cannot figure out how to do anything else. It seems to me that I need to know PHP and HTML in order to use this website. I am not a programmer and am not planning on taking any courses to use it. I expected a user-friendly site and someone that could answer questions that I have, but instead I am out $630, and it looks like i have to go find another blog site that is much easier to use. Am I correct in that I really can’t use WP unless I know PHP and HTML code?

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  • What else do you need to do?

    My blog site is If you go to the site, you will see on the blog page, on the right, a box that says “Profile”. In it the designer says, “This is the default text. To change this, add some info about you in the Admin area.” I have spent hours looking to find a way to change this so I don’t look so damned stupid. The fact is, I am stupid when it comes to this. My only previous experience with websites was with Homestead, which provided 24-hour customer service to answer any questions I had. I don’t have any idea how to create spaces for advertising. I want to do some affiliate advertising. I have no idea how to set up an area to put this in. I am guessing I need to program in the code to make this happen. I am lost. I really feel I have thrown my money away.

    To be perfectly honest, you’re not likely to find a website software that’s more user-friendly than WordPress (though you could certainly find a more user-friendly developer).

    You shouldn’t need to know any HTML or PHP to change that Profile box. My guess would be that it’s either controlled under the Appearance > Widgets tab in the dashboard (which is also where you can create spaces for advertisements), or on the Theme Settings page for your theme if it has one (which is also usually under Appearance).

    It could also be pulling in the description for your user account (which you can get to by editing your user account under the Users tab), but I’d check the other places first.

    Looks like good info. I’ve already located the “Profile” under Widgets. Thanks. I’ll have more questons I know. Will you be my mentor?

    I’m always happy to help when I can. 🙂

    ey there. Hope you are doing well today. Could you advise me as to how I can set up a Blog Roll on my site? I need to increase my audience and want to get a blog roll that I can consistently communicate with.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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