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  • We are just beginning to explore the power of WebLibrarian, we really like it.
    Is there a way to set up a “generic” hold request button? Our club uses WordPress to manage its website, and while I have imported the membership list into the Patrons db, we don’t have a WP userid for every member.

    Our old website let website visitors view the library titles and place a hold request on it, so our librarians would know to pull the book out of the physical collection and bring it to the next club meeting for the member.

    As i understand the current implementation of WebLibrarian, the hold button only appears if someone has logged into wordpress and has a patron id associated with their userid. I’d like to be able to have a way for non-logged-in visitors place a hold request.

    Your guidance on how to add the image URL last year was spot-on, so if this is something I could hack easily just point me at the code!



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  • A quick update — I made a first attempt, creating a patron named Web Request, and modifying the short_codes.php file to set patronid to the number corresponding to that and display the hold request button.

    That worked to make the button appear, but if you click on the request button it responds with a dialog box: Ajax Error: no data received.

    So what’s missing?

    You can see the library collection at


    Plugin Author Robert Heller


    I’m guessing that even though you have ‘hacked’ the button to have the patron id, the PHP code that the AJAX code calls discovers that no one is actually logged in and crashes.

    Unless you make a somewhat non-trivial change to the code (at various levels: the JavaScript, the PHP, and the database structure, modifying just the short codes is not going to be enough by itself), you are probably stuck with requiring your club members to really log in as either your Web Request user or as themselves.

    It might be *easiest* to just provide a way for your club members to register themselves and then map their WP user id to their patron ID — this is doable as a self-serve feature. Providing a register option is a matter of either enabling the ‘allow anyone to register’ option in the WP settings and/or providing the proper meta widget (with the login/register buttons). There is a plugin that provides a simplified set of meta buttons/links that might be better than the builtin WP widget.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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