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  1. hfdratch
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I was assuming that the WP blog -- http://7colorlagoon.com/blog1 -- not rendering at all was the fault of my web host. Then I tried some picture galleries (example: http://7colorlagoon.com/galleries/bacalar ) and they did render.

    I can log in through the Read Me on the host's File Manager but, even then, it is impossible to post although "View Site" takes me there at normal speed.

    Since it was not a time I was changing anything, tweaking, uploading or making glaring errors; I find it hard to say "I screwed up again."

    There had been some issues about htaccess files but those had been addressed in the web host's forum and things were working.

    I have a support ticket with the host but, does this description enable anyone who knows what they are doing diagnose the problem -- if it is a WP file problem???

    As a novice it has taken weeks to get things running on Word Press and with my first web host. I would hate to have to move hosts (dozens more hours lost) or go back to my Blogger sites which work regularly but lack the quality of WP.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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