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    unfortunately, after translating the different fields as well as the fields of the PO file (I’m used to it, I do this with poedit), it doesn’t work. the emails received are half French, half English. I advise against it, a big waste of time trying to translate but unfortunately it is impossible.

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    Thanks for taking time to leave a review.

    Contrary to your claim, our plugin is fully enabled for translation. Here is a link to the online version of .po/.pot file for your language as evidence: https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/fr/default/wp-plugins/customer-reviews-woocommerce/. Additionally, an offline .pot file is included in the installation archive of the plugin.

    We strongly encourage users to translate the plugin online using the .po/.pot file linked above because their translations will be automatically available for other users of the same language. It is also possible to download an offline version of the same .po/.pot file and edit it locally but we do not recommend it because inexperienced WordPress users often make mistakes with language files and cannot make it work correctly on their servers.

    You mentioned that the plugin is half French and half English for you which can be expected since the current progress of French translation is 70%. If the community of French-speaking users of the plugin were more active, the translation progress would be much better. As you can see, there are many languages with over 90% translations completed thanks to the excellent contributions of users speaking those languages: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/customer-reviews-woocommerce/

    Unlike users from those locales, you have not translated even a single string for the French translation in the online .po/.pot file. Wouldn’t doing that be a better use of time and a valuable contribution to the community of users speaking your language than unsuccessfully meddling with the translation files on your server and then coming here to complain about it?

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