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  • clickharder


    This plugin appears to violate guideline #5 on WordPress

    Plugins may not contain functionality that is restricted or locked, only to be made available by payment or upgrade.

    The Pro features are coded on the page but restricted unless you pay for the plugin. If you want to sell a pro version, more power to you, just don’t junk up the page with non-functional code and an advertisement to upgrade.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a good plugin if you just need to add some JS or CSS site-wide.

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  • Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    We are aware of the WordPress plugin guidelines and I can assure you that none are broken.

    The next paragraphs in the guideline #5 explains it all:

    Paid functionality in services is permitted (see guideline 6: serviceware), provided all the code inside a plugin is fully available. We recommend the use of add-on plugins, hosted outside of, in order to exclude the premium code.

    Attempting to upsell the user on ad-hoc products and features is acceptable, provided it falls within bounds of guideline 11 (hijacking the admin experience).

    The Pro features aren’t coded into the plugin. What you see are just previews of the forms and buttons on how it looks like in the pro version, but the code for the functionality isn’t present. When purchasing the pro you need to download and install the pro version plugin, which contains the code for the functionality.



    What you see are just previews of the forms and buttons on how it looks like in the pro version

    The HTML markup is there. Maybe that doesn’t meet the definition of “functionality” since by your statement it is completely non-functional, junk markup.

    Which is basically my complaint about the plugin. You have non-functional markup that is displayed on ever item page. It adds clutter to the page, distracts from the UX, and the additional bits that are completely unnecessary.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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