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  • When in Appearance > Customize I get the following error message: Non-existent changeset UUID. in the site live preview plane. All updates are processed in the site when I save, it’s just the live preview plane that isn’t displaying. Does anybody know a fix for this?


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  • @gijsblij You save my day. Thanks !²

    @andrew Tegenkamp

    Thank you for your answer, and sorry for the delayed response.

    I tried it. I changed from to … and the preview in theme customizer is available. BUT then I have the problem, when I click on a dashboard link of one site (blog), it forwards only to the main area of my multisite, and not to the dashboard of the choosed blog anymore. Also, when I try now to login directly to this site/blog, and don’t go over the multisite login, I got the error “no secure login” and cannot type in user/pw. I changed it back with “www” and now it is possible again to login directly to the site, but the preview is not ruuning.

    Can I also change in My Sites->NetworkAdmin->Sites the SiteURL and Home(URL) from to, so that it doesn’t have the multisite url? I am always worried about changes like this, that perhaps something is not running anymore, that I perhaps cannot change back cause the admin area url is not reachable anymore, so I prefer to ask before I do something like this.

    Thanks in advance for responding. All best, diseñor

    Thank you so much, not only did changing the site/wordpress URLs to be the same fix Customizer for me, but I haven’t been able to preview my posts in months and this fixed that as well! Such a simple thing made my experience 10x better, and I had lost all hope!


    It sounds like you are using Multisite and domain mapping for some of the other sites in your network. Is that correct?

    If so your proposed change from to sounds exactly like what fixed it for us. We did this on our non-main domain as our main domain was working fine already. We are also using subdomain install and it sounds like you may be using subfolders so I’m not sure what the difference is there.

    So you know, we are doing that but for domain mapping we are using the plugin though I have recently learned it should be built into WordPress 4.5+ according to

    I am certainly happy to help but am not a Multisite expert but I do know that before starting I just made the settings in wp-config.php matcheed what it show in Network Admin => Network Setup. That should make sure you can get to your main admin and Network Admin where you can put back other sites in the network if they get errors from settings changes. If you’re main site is not working correctly, let us know, but if it’s just a sub site then you should be ok changing settings for those and still being able to access Network Admin from the main site.

    If there is an error, you should be able to use phpMyAdmin or a similar tool to put back the urls in the wp_options tables if you are comfortable with that.

    @andrew Tegenkamp

    Thanks for responding so fast. Yes it is a multisite and domain mapping with WordPress MU Domain Mapping, and using subfolders. WP is 4.7.3.

    In the beginning I read a lot how to install a multisite, I’ve tried to set it up a few times with existing manuals in internet I was reading on different pages, also with subdomains, but always in this manuals are missing small steps to fulfill it successfully. But for someone who is not really firm in doing this, these small steps are very important. However, at least I could realize it and it is running now. Also I read it would be better to set it up with subfolders, so I decided this way. At another multisite installation we had huge problems, I couldn’t bring it to run. At least the CEO of ServMask helped me to fix it, he looked for it a few days long and tried different ways of code changes, and at least there was an error in the code for the wp-config.php/.htaccess which WP generates automatically (I have bought all plugins from ServMask, and always give feedback on their plugins, therefore he helped me, without him the multisite would not run today). And at another normal WP installation I had a problem too with this code for the .htaccess generated by WP, was also not correct, here the provider where the domain is hosted corrected it.

    It is only a sub site. On the main site we have no content at the moment, perhaps later. But another question I have to understand the urls better before I will try to change siteURL and homeUrl. What happens in WP when I change this urls? I don’t know how to explain, but for example in the WP database every data set is based on the multisite url like in my case http://(www.) What will happen if I change the site and homeURL to, the data sets will not loose the connection, or how WP handle this, because when I change these both urls will, the urls in the database are not changed too? I have exported once a sub site with the plugin ‘All-in-One WP Migration Multisite Extension’ by ServMask, and then tried to import it again, by changing the multisite url to the domain, but this was not running, I couldn’t call the dashboard of the subsite in the multisite backend; if it were possible by logging in directly with http://my-subsite/wp-admin I don’t know now.

    Hope you understand what I will tell you 😉 … if not, I will try i again 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your help. Best, diseñor

    I understand. You don’t want to make changes that could harm your site.

    We use subdomains but otherwise sounds like we have similar setups. Our problem was that our subdomain could not use the customizer like the original poster and we got the error of the original poster. We made the changes recommended and and Appearance > Customize worked again for that subdomain.

    For us, when we changed this URL, it changed our wp-admin from to so our customizer works well again. I believe this is because now our wp-admin URL matches the domain in WordPress MU Domain Mapping.

    Nothing else changes because pictures or anything else pointing to the old subdomain version like×110.jpg still work and show up just fine. It just changes the URL for the /wp-admin/ so that your customizer and administration works better.

    @andrew Tegenkamp

    Thanks for responding 🙂 Yes, I am a little be worried about it, to do such changes, because the multisite is running, and I have included until today six subsites, and I will not do something that possibbly could harm it. I could restore it, or better said my provider, but this means that all sites are offline for some hours, and this my client wouldn’t like I think 😉

    You write, that when you changed these both urls (site and homeURL), your wp-admin login was reachable then unter the domain itself. That means that you then login directly to the domain ( or you (can) login to the multisite and you choose the dashboard of the subsite too?

    When I changed the site and homeURL of one of my subsites two days ago, I couldn’t choose anymore the dashboard link of this subsite in the backend of my multisite. The link is not running anymore. What do you think is the problem here?

    For every domain which directs to a subsite I have four entries in domain mapping:
    1. (set to primary)
    And for some subsites I have up to eight domains, that means 32 entries I have to do. Is this correct with these four entries each dommain?

    Another question: What does this link do when I click on it? When do I have to
    to “Upgrade Network” Do I have to upgrade the network when I changed site and homeURL?

    Thanks a lot for helping me to clarify on these topic. All the best, diseñor


    I have tested it, I changed both urls, siteurl and homeurl, the preview is visible, but then I only can login to the subsite with the direct url like But this I don’t want, because I don’t want to login on each subsite extra, I want to login to multisite backend and from here to choose the subsite.

    So I wanted to search in the WP and theme core files (php, js etc.) where this preview will be activated/loadd. I activated in Firefox the tools of the web developer and here I got the error at the tab “JS”:

    Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing by (unknown)

    I think the error of loading the preview in this iFrame is an issue of WP and multisite and the two different link structure (see above). And also the customize.php and admin-ajax.php are files of WP, and not of the theme. But these two php-files of WP are requiered by the framework.php file of the theme (in my case DIVI/Extra).

    So far, I will look further. But perhaps you know more or understand more of these files and where the error yould be now?!

    Or perhaps an admin of WP here in the support forum can explain it?!

    Because many people have this problem, I think WP should find a solution on this topic, because in my eyes it makes no sense that an user always has to change site and homeurl to get the preview, apart from that you cannot call anymore the dashboard of a subsite in the backend of a multisite directly.

    Hope for help and to find a comfortable solution for all multisite users in future. Thanks a lot.

    All the best, diseñor

    @andrewteg @ wp support @ all other users
    Again me … but already with more news on this error 🙂

    Just the moment I remembered regarding the two different link structures in this error message

    Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing by (unknown)

    that I have set up in the domain mapping of my subsite the following:
    1. (set to primary)

    So, now I changed the primary domain to the 3rd, the domain with multisite link structure,, and directly the customizer preview was loading and works perfectly again.

    But here the problem is now, that if you call your website like or without www in a browser, it will be forwarded to, that means the visitor will see the multisite link of your subsite.

    So this means if the customizer would load the preview in the iFrame independent on which primary domain set up in domain mapping, all would running perfectly. Any idea from the users and WP here, how this problem can be solved?

    Thanks for helping. Best, diseñor

    Ok, a few things going on here so I’ll take them one at a time…

    1) Load denied by X-Frame-Options: I am not familiar with this. I would suggest a new support thread as the support thread here is about Non-existent changeset UUID, and so you are limiting the people who will see this Load denied error. I do not know what this is or how to fix it. I’m sorry. If this happens with just your theme and does not happen with default themes, I would suggest contacting the theme developer as well for support.

    2) Logging into each site: Yes, we have to log into each site seperately now. It is a little tedious, but I can confirm this is how we have to do it ourselves. It is worth it for us to have the Customizer working well for our theme.

    3) Entries in domain mapping: We only have one entry. There is no reason to have all the other entries. By adding your site in the Network Admin => Sites menu you create so that should not be in Domains at all. That is likely causing the system confusion so I would recommend deleting those 2 entries right away. Also adding www to a domain does not do anything here. That is controlled by your server hosting. Different servers do it different ways. For example, we use DreamHost ( and when we add a domain to our account in their control panel, it asks if we want www, no www, or either way. Then it works that way. There is a big article about it at but the point is you do not need both here, especially while you are trying to diagnose problems.

    4) Upgrade Network: This just keeps everything is sync and my understanding is it is not required when just changing values, only when upgrading WordPress. There is more at about it.

    5) It sounds like you want to admin from your main domain but have each site show the regular domain from the front end. I do not think the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin can do this right now without possible duplicate content issues. It says so on Settings => Domain Mapping, but you can certainly try it or use different combinations there to achieve what you want. We have these 4 checked: `1. Remote Login
    2. Permanent redirect (better for your blogger’s pagerank)
    3. User domain mapping page
    4. Redirect administration pages to site’s original domain (remote login disabled if this redirect is disabled)`
    We do not have “5. Disable primary domain check. Sites will not redirect to one domain name. May cause duplicate content issues.” checked because we want it to redirect to the primary domain. It uses a permanent redirect that does not harm search engine rankings or anything else so we have no good reason to not have it redirect to one primary domain for each site.

    Perhaps your best bet would be to try the new native feature described on because that is said to work with subdirectory sites like yours and is more current. You would need to disable the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin to do it though. Also, if that breaks the customizer with a standard Twenty-Seventeen theme, then you can report that issue to WordPress because it a native feature now built into WordPress instead of a plugin. If it is ok, and it breaks on just your theme you will need to contact your theme developer to fix it. I am hoping to move our site to that in the future because the WordPress MU Domain Mapping has not been updated in years, but I just have not had the time to try it yet.

    I hope that helps and makes sense!


    what part of ‘Enter the address here if you want your site home page to be different from your WordPress installation directory.’ doesn’t make sense to all you developers and designers. I mean come on, why would you be so silly as to think you could really use another url? oh because that’s what the sentence above implies? oh ok

    So those of you that are new and may not know, you can either put a redirect statement in your htaccess file or if you’re not sure how to do that there is at least 1 WP plugin that will do the redirect for you. Personally I prefer doing it myself.



    I have the same problem but syncing the URL’s is not possible as the WordPress Address is greyed out.

    Am I looking at a reinstall? I have no content, so nothing to lose except time

    – Paul

    If you have access to the database via phpMyAdmin or something else, you can search the wp_options table (tables in Multisite) for the URL and change it there.

    But if it’s greyed out it seems like something else may be going on so a reinstall may not be the worst thing?


    First, are you running your website on Plesk or cPanel or Virtualmin?

    Secondly did you do a manual install of the database and WP files to your file manager or did you use a script like Softaculous 1 touch install?

    Third what Theme are you using? Is there a special customization section for settings based on the theme?

    I can’t think of any reason in general why the WP Settings –> General website url or alternate url would be grayed out? that doesn’t make much sense unless there is another factor at play

    Changing the home and Site URL fixed the issue. Thank you so much.

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