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  • is it ok to have a non-english language blog on

    I’m just asking it as I don’t see any FAQs etc on and a lot of hosted services require people to have english language blogs/websites only.

    so I want to ask if its ok to have a non-english blog on, I’ll be blogging in Hindi.

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  • Don’t worry, there’s no restriction on what language you write in!

    FAQs: – link located at the VERY BOTTOM of the admin pages, seems like it would be better located in the sidebar on the actual blog (just a personal opinion….)

    But what about localization?
    Is it possible to have my .mo file uploaded?

    its good to know that there’s no restriction on the language!! 🙂

    and guess I just missed the link at the footer in the admin section, last place I’d think of looking for a link like that!! 😉

    amit, I too was amazed at where it really was. Needs moving soonest!

    kichu, I don’t know about the localization. Did you read through the faqs? Or perhaps you might need to use the feedback tab for this one….

    Most of us here use self-hosted blogs; we don’t necessarily have the answers on the hosted setup, which is why we usually say “we really don’t support blogs”….

    vkaryl, I agree with you. FAQs look good on the homepage(since no other page is available publicly on the main site except the signup page), where people look for them. I wonder how many people will remember to look at the footer in the admin section when the box to compose a post is at about halfway of the page length & that page is the most used, you don’t visit the options tab etc. more regularly than that, except dashboard. 🙂

    kichu, I don’t think that localization is possible as yet, if you mean having the WP-Admin in a non-english language at I guess you’ll have to host your own WordPress if you want that. However you can blog in a language other than english as long as its in unicode since WordPress supports unicode. Like I’m blogging in Hindi at and anyone can read it without any problems as long as they are using a unicode supporting browser like IE6 or Opera on a unicode supporting os.

    we really don’t support blogs


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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