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  • Michael


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    I created a Christmas page today for my site


    By clicking on the ‘new page’ link, giving the page a title and copying the formula from my birthday card page, substituting the word ‘birthday’ for ‘christmas’: [mp_list_products category=”christmas”]

    In theory, this should mean that only products linked to my Christmas category should appear on my Christmas page. The Christmas category itself still existed from last year, though it had nothing linked to it (a parent without any children, so to speak).

    The product titles on the Christmas page are also in italics; on the rest of the site they are in regular font, which makes me wonder if there is a bug or if I have done something wrong. I got a web designer / programmer to create my site, and have basically just copied what he’s done.



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    where is the code for [mp_list_products ... coming from?

    is that a plugin?

    I got a web designer / programmer to create my site

    in exteme, you might need to contact that guy for support.

    Hi, thanks for that 🙂 I will contact him as the site uses Marketpress Lite, an eCommerce plugin. I’ll also try contacting the Marketpress developers and see if they can help.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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