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    Hello people,

    The Theme 10 and 11 poll, is not showing the centralized image: https://prnt.sc/r09jhz

    And the Theme 9 poll, the voting board is neither centralized nor left: https://prnt.sc/r09p6l

    And a suggestion …
    – You could give options to position the content to the left, direct or center.
    – You could also give the option to insert a border around the content, being able to change the color of the border and also insert a background color: https://prnt.sc/r0a12f
    – And I could also give the option of inserting a text at the end of the content: https://prnt.sc/r0a3xh (this example I insert directly into the post, below the shortcode)
    And another suggestion … you could also give the option to change the color of the texts, color of the buttons and also the color of the voting board (https://prnt.sc/r0akf7).


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  • Hi, Thanks for your query.

    We will look into the issues you specified, and your recommendation on the points. We are trying sort the issues and will update you on this as soon as we can.

    Thanks and Regards

    Hi, Thanks again for your query.

    We have checked the issue, basically the themes 10 and 11 are ok, but sometimes theme become an issue in breaking design, As the design get more priority to control design of the website it overrides the default design that is set from plugin.

    So I request you to update little bit css to fix the issue, We can help you in this case, if yo share the URL of the website where it is breaking, then we will able to serve you some css code to fix it.

    Let us know if you need our assistance, Thanks again and Don’t forget to ask more questions, Regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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