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  1. Chadi
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi folks, new here and looking to install WP 2.6.

    My Goal (and how-to needed please):

    - make site look like a business (web hosting site) using any theme I want if possible. The theme I wish to use this the popular Fresh Theme by Woothemes. So I want the WP to not look like a blog at all site wide *except* for the actual Blog area if possible. In other words, generally the site should not look like a blog, except an area (or category???) that I want to actually be a business blog for the company site itself. I would like to have a page with the common server package layout, the columns of say 5-6 package options for example.

    - how do I replace the default WP login with my own billing system login form? What template/code area would I edit?

    - what awesome plugins would you suggest for a business (web hosting) site? Your brainstorming :) and input really appreciated. The vast amounts of plugins and blogs about WP plugins/customizations is too overwhelming for me. So I figure I'd asking for some advice here.

    - any security tips on hardening the WP install would be great. Same for SEO optimization.

    My server is utilizing the following:
    - Linux
    - PHP 5.2.6
    - MYSQL 5x (latest stable)
    - Zend Optimizer
    - Eaccelerator
    - Apache 2.2 w/ mod_rewrite

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