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  • eliezermiller


    i am trying to create a website for my handyman business. pretty simple
    a. home page
    b. about us
    c. sevices
    d. pricing
    e. contact us

    i have already designed what i want the site to look like. each page is in jpg & psd

    i cant figure out how to do this in wordpress. i currently have a landing page that can be viewed here

    here is a link to a jpg of what i want the homepage to look like

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  • Michael



    the rest is html and css and graphics.

    your problem, as it is right now, is too complex for this forum;

    it will help if you can break it down into more isolated problems, and ask individual questions.

    would you be able to programm your site in html and css?

    if not, then this forum cannot really help.



    so does this mean i cant do it in wordpress?

    my biggest issue, it seems, is that i dont want a theme, i just want to build it from scratch.

    how hard would it be for me to learn the html to do it?

    i learn pretty fast (taught myself gimp, sketchup, and plenty of other things)



    No, you can do it in wordpress, since you want to code from scratch you just need to visit the link that alchymyth sent you and take your PSD file and convert it to HTML code.

    Its not super easy to learn HTML, but if you grab a book on html and try it out that will be a good start.

    Otherwise if you grab a starter theme like presswork you can modify the theme to make it fit your design.



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    @eliezermiller — did you look at the link alchymyth posted? It’s about exactly what you want to do.

    It’s not just a question of learning HTML by a long shot. You need to know CSS fairly well and understand how PHP works and how WP works.

    There are many tutorials, books and videos out there (try Google) that can help you in the process of learning what you want, but expect it to take a significant amount of learning if it’s all new to you. A few can be found here:



    i dont want a theme, i just want to build it from scratch.

    same thing – it is just called a theme.

    you can do it in WordPress, however, the first step would be ‘convert’ the psd layout into a html/css structured site, and then integrate the WordPress dynamic php structure.

    basically, without a decent understanding of html and css, it is quite impossible to build a WordPress theme.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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