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[Resolved] Non-admins cannot view Docs made w. 1.2.8

  • Hi

    Setup: WP 3.5 BP 1.6.2, BP Docs 1.2.8

    Have been a happy user of BP Docs for about 6 months.

    After upgrading to version 1.2.8 my (non-admin) users experience the following:

    Works as normal until after save.
    After save the Doc is not visible anywhere in the front end, even with access permissions set to allow this.

    An admin user can view all Docs as normally. To an admin user nothing noticable is wrong.

    Have rolled back to version 1.2.6 for now.

    Looking forward to an update 🙂


    PS. Are old versions available somewhere?


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  • Update

    After rolling back to 1.2.6, the Docs created using 1.2.8 doesn’t seem to be able to load in the front end.

    Also, users report that with 1.2.8 the group association was removed upon save.


    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Hi Mort3n – I can’t reproduce this.

    Can you provide more details?

    – How are users creating Docs? Through a group? Are they associating the Doc with a group?
    – What privacy settings are you experiencing this with?
    – “not visible anywhere in the front end” – Where are you expecting to see it?
    – What other plugins are you running?

    Hi Boone,

    Thanks for chiming in! Will try to provide necessary cetails.

    a) Users are restricted to the front end. They create Docs through a group. When creating a Doc they are shown the drop-down box with available groups they can associate the Doc with.

    b) It’s strange. Users set all permissions to ‘Members of group X’. The settings are saved to DB and shown in the Privacy settings box for the Doc in the front end. However, only site admins can view the Docs. One example was a group admin who created a Doc in his group and saved. All settings correct as far as I can tell. Author could see the Doc in the Doc list, but couldn’t read / edit / history. Same user same group did the same, but the group association was cleared (could be a human mistake 🙂 )

    c) I would expect to see the Doc listed in the group Doc listing. Furthermore in author’s My Docs list.

    d) The list is (too) long. Importantly, I have not installed new plugins after 1.2.8 that could have caused a conflict.

    Relevant plugins other than BP and BP Docs:

    Please don’t hesitate to request any additional info needed.


    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Thanks, Mort3n.

    It’s odd, but I can’t reproduce this behavior. There must be a plugin conflict or some other environment-specific issue.

    I just released 1.2.9 with some fixes that may affect what you’ve described here. Maybe you could have a look.

    If it’s still not working, perhaps you could examine the bp_doc related MySQL queries, and share anything relevant with me.

    Hi Boone,

    Looking forward to testing 1.2.9!

    However, both here at WP plugins and over at github I only seem to be able to find 1.2.8.

    Is there a delay or am I just looking in the wrong place?

    Thanks in advance!


    I am having this problem as well.

    1.2.9 does not seem to fix anything 🙁
    Updating permissions as a site admin does not let group admin see the docs.

    Hi Boone,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The problem persists for 1.2.9.

    I’m by no account a coder, so the following may be way off 🙂

    In the template file
    the markup for listing the Docs in a group is provided.

    That file is called e.g. by the function
    display if the ‘current_view’ is ‘list’
    in the file

    The ‘current_view’ for groups is set in the same file by the function
    The ‘list’ view is set if the
    bp->action_variables[0] is empty

    I went to BP Codex
    From the action_variables there it seems that the ‘list’ should be shown when
    docs == $bp->action_variables[0]
    since the URL for the Docs view in a group is

    Futhermore, some of my users make good use of nested groups with the plugin BP Groups Hierarchy

    In this case the URL will be

    If this is way off then please disregard.

    Will continue to investigate.


    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Mort3n – Thanks so much for the investigation.

    From what I can see, you’re probably right. When using BP Groups Hierarchy, the action_variables get shifted, so that my check for 'list' is no longer accurate.

    I’ll do a bit of investigation. I can’t necessarily promise to support all plugins, but if there’s a straightforward way to work around the Group Hierarchy issue, I’ll try to implement it.

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Mort3n – I’ve had a deeper look. There was one issue with the way that Docs interacts with Group Hierarchy, which I’ve fixed in the dev version: https://github.com/boonebgorges/buddypress-docs/issues/264 https://github.com/boonebgorges/buddypress-docs/commit/e7316d4105f0685a05459e77dfd4cce8baae434a

    However, this was a relatively minor issue. I can’t find any evidence that it would cause the problems described in this thread.

    I took a look at the action_variables issue that you pointed toward, and it looks like BP Group Hierarchy has some filters in place that prevent this kind of issue. That is, even with BP Group Hierarchy enabled, I’m able to create and view Docs, using either an admin or a non-admin account.

    Mort3n, it’s likely that the problem is being caused by the access protection logic in buddypress-docs/includes/access-query.php. Would you mind testing this hypothesis? To do so, comment out the final line in the file (the add_action() line around 186). Warning: Make sure you *uncomment* the line afterward, because this function is responsible for all privacy controls in BuddyPress Docs. If it turns out that uncommenting this line allows non-admins to see your Docs, then at least it’ll narrow down where the problem could be taking place, in which case debugging could begin to happen in this file.

    Hi Boone,

    Thanks for taking time to provide support on this!

    Good news
    Test on 1.2.9 + git-commit: A test user has created a subgroup and a Doc through that subgroup. Doc visible according to settings.

    Remaining problem
    The Docs created with 1.2.8 still have the same visibility and accessibility problems discussed in this thread.

    Hypothesis tested. Result is that non-admins can indeed view the problem Docs.

    Have looked around in the database, but haven’t found anything strange yet.

    Will continue to investigate.


    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Thanks for testing, Mort3n. Based on what you’ve said here, it sounds like those Docs you created previously are not, in fact, associated with the groups in question. As an admin, go to one of these missing Docs, and reassociate it with its group. Then test to see whether non-admins can see it.

    Hi Boone,

    You were right. The catch was that I had to go through the front-end not the back-end for the assignment to register for non-admin users.

    I’ll mark as resolved and get to work on updating the translation.

    Thanks a lot for the excellent support on this.


    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Awesome! So glad to hear that it seems to be resolved.

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