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  • We are using multisite to host 30-40 wordpress sites, as well as many individual installs of wordpress and are experiencing the ‘noindex’ option turning itself on/off. It is happening to sites that have been untouched for months, new installs, on versions of wp3.1.3 – 3.2. Devellpment sites set to noindex are being switched to index, and sites that are indexed are being turned off. There is no consistency to which sites are turning, and when they turn.

    Has anyone seen this before?
    If so, do you have any direction to look towards troubleshooting this issue or a possible solution.


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  • I would start with turning off the plugins they have in common. This is not normal or expected behavior.

    Pretty sure it would be an SEO plugin feature, since that’s where most the index/noindex features are.

    You’d be surprised the number of plugins that do stupid things 😉

    Your server, perhaps? If it’s doing it on unrelated single installs, that’s the only thing they’d have in common.

    Hi, interested to find this post and hope that someone can help.

    All my top level pages at are fine. As soon as we get further into the website though and reach my actual individual post pages, there is a nofollow, noindex on the page and all the links are nofollow.

    I have deactivated all of my plugins and this did not help.

    Any other advice?



    Did you turn off all plugins in mu-plugins?

    Have you tried with the default 2011 theme?

    Ipstenu, thank you for the reply.

    I don’t have an mu-plugins but I have tried 2011 and it works fine.
    I have no idea where to get help for the theme I use – Echo by as there is no support:-(

    Any further advice appreciated



    sorry. its

    This pains me to say …

    You need to make a new Post in the Themes/Templates section. It’s not a multisite question, it’s a theme question. And Bea Themes is … well a jerk for charging people $20 and then just giving them a GPL theme. They’re charging you IMO for the wrong thing and that’s not something I advocate.

    Ok Ipstenu, thanks for your help.



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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