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  • Dear developers,

    I would like to know your thoughts on this issue.

    I read in some posts, that the nofollow-attribute has been added to the most current nightly. I haven’t installed this version yet, so I have to rely on this information.
    The messages I read said that it seems to be hard coded in the source and it is no option the user can activate or deactivate within the admin interface.

    Since there is a big discussion whether this attribute is helpfull or not and who it might help, I wonder if it is possible to make it an option.
    In this case everybody could decide for himself if he wants to use the attribute or not.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Yes I know this thread, but I read only you saying “I believe that a plugin is being worked on”. This what I would like to verify.

    Just interested: why would you want to turn off no-follow, unless you actually like people posting comments for the sole purpose of getting PageRank? I’ve heard all the arguments about how it punishes real commenters and I don’t buy it. If you’re really that concerned about their PageRank, add them to your blogroll and link to their posts. Simple really. I doubt most bloggers have vast amounts of PR to spread around anyway.

    It’s because people want control over their own sites. I don’t believe that is something that any of us should question.

    For example, if you moderate all comments, and personally delete all the spam before it hits the web, there is no reason to turn on nofollow.

    That said, nofollow should be the default setting on install.

    I vote for either optional or a documented way to turn it off:

    WordPress and the Google Link Attribute

    I don’t believe that this attribute will stop commentspam.
    They’ll spam you / your blog anyway. Take i.e. the usenet, they keep on posting spam even tough most users are using software which is able to identify spam and prevent downloading spampostings.

    It’ll only help Google and the other SEs to keep their PR-system alive. And maybe it will allow them to easily identify what is a blog and what is not.

    BTW: I have no problem with people posting interesting comments. If this additionally raises their PR, what’s the point?

    suedkind, that’s my point, too. That, and that implementing a default way to devalue *all* links from my blogs means my links, and those of my visitors, don’t count.

    I understand that people don’t like blog spamming, but I’m not willing to bet either that implementation of the nofollow link attribute will stop attempts at spamming. It will devalue the links from my blog, and that is my point.

    It’s like this: if I’m afraid my home will get robbed, should my solution be to ensure that I have nothing worth stealing?

    It is likely you will see a myriad of plugins written to turn nofollow off. My current understanding is that v1.5 will have it on by default and a plugin will be required to change this setting.



    How about adding nofollow to the moderation or as an alternative , so that any unmoderated comment will have nofollow, but an approved comment would have nofollow turned off?



    I’m sure that someone will develop a plugin to give you that functionality 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


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    My understanding is that a plugin will be included with v1.5.



    would you mind sharing your source for that?

    Moderator James Huff


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    “…people who can intelligently make a decision regarding nofollow have the flexibility to modify the behaviour without touching any core code.”

    [Cross-posting from another thread]
    You can use a plugin I recently developed to strip nofollow tags from comments and comment author links.

    It actually prevents nofollow tag by unregistering a default plugin which does it. As for preventing nofollow in comment author link, it is forced to actually strip the nofollow after it has been added by a strangely named function. Interetingly there is no better way without modifying the core code in this case.

    This doesn’t modify any WordPress code. It has been well tested with WordPress 1.5.

    BTW: I too strongly believe that nofollow should be an option and for some bloggers who proactively monitor their blogs. We say no to “nofollow” –

    Lets hope the authors of WordPress add nofollow as an option to core code.

    This really should be an option and not a plugin!

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