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    Hi Slick,

    I just bought the premium version of Feed Them Social to use it on a friend’s website, but I can’t manage to display thumbnails closed to the current video, whereas it works on your demo site…

    Here is my shortcode : [fts_youtube vid_count=50 large_vid=yes large_vid_description=yes thumbs_play_in_iframe=yes vids_in_row=2 omit_first_thumbnail=no space_between_videos=10px force_columns=no maxres_thumbnail_images=yes thumbs_wrap_color=#666666 wrap=right video_wrap_display=2 comments_count=0 playlist_id=PLS-5qupmTiPiGWOD3QF2_cRnfDiOmJ7km channel_id=UCDFkKJw_xGBgGxqCT2PiRKw]

    And here is my system info :

    ### Begin System Info ###
    SITE_URL:                 https://yanndegruel.fr
    Feed Them Social Version: 3.0.2
    -- WordPress Configuration:
    WordPress Version:        6.1.1
    Multisite:                No
    Permalink Structure:      /%postname%/
    Active Theme:             Yann Dégruel
    PHP Memory Limit:         2048M
    WP_DEBUG:                 Disabled
    -- Webserver Configuration:
    PHP Version:              7.4.33
    Web Server Info:          apache
    -- PHP Configuration:
    Upload Max Size:          512M
    Post Max Size:            512M
    Upload Max Filesize:      512M
    Time Limit:               3600
    Max Input Vars:           250000
    Allow URL File Open:      N/A
    Display Erros:            On (1)
    -- PHP Extensions:
    json:                     Your server supports json.
    FSOCKOPEN:                Your server supports fsockopen.
    cURL:                     Your server supports cURL.
    curl_multi:               Your server supports curl_multi_select.
    -- FTS Settings->Global Options: 
    Cache time: 1 Day (Default)
    -- Active Plugins: 
    Admin Menu Editor: 1.10.4
    Aquila Admin Theme: 3.1.1
    Elementor: 3.9.0
    Feed Them Social - for Twitter feed, Youtube, and more: 3.0.2
    Feed Them Social Premium: 1.7.6
    LiteSpeed Cache: 5.3.1
    PRO Elements: 3.8.0
    Real Custom Post Order: 1.3.32
    -- Custom Token or Keys added to Options Pages
    -- You must have a custom token to use the feeds
    Facebook App Token:         No
    Twitter Consumer Key:       No
    Twitter Secret:             No
    Twitter Token:              No
    Twitter Token Secret:       No
    Instagram Basic Token:      No
    Instagram Business Token:   No
    YouTube: 		    Yes
    -- FaceBook & Twitter Date Format and Timezone
    Date Format: d/m/Y @ G:i
    Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
    -- Hide Facebook Images in Posts:
    Hide: No
    -- Hide Facebook Error Handler:
    Hide: No
    -- Fix Twitter Time:
    Fix: No
    -- Disable Magnific CSS:
    Fix: No
    -- Fix Internal Server Error:
    Fix: No
    -- Load More Options:
    Override: No
    -- Premium Extensions:
    Premium Active:          Yes
    ### End System Info ###

    Thanks for your help !
    Arnaud BeLO.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi again,

    Sometimes I get authentication errors, it’s probably because I use the token functionality. So I decided to move to a YouTube Data API key, which made the problem disappear 🙂

    NB : if you want to restrict your API key, you have to limit it to the domain http://www.googleapis.com (and maybe also the website domain ? I did it, anyway).

    Thanks for your plugin, it works great 😀

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    Problem solved, have a nice life !

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    Sorry again,

    It looked like it worked, but it’s not the case…
    Sometimes it works, and sometimes there’s still no thumbnail.

    I get to this situation by changing gradually the default parameters :
    first 4 videos, at the bottom, and the content reduced as small as I can.
    But when I regenerate de short code with new options (anc clean the cache systematically), there’s one moment where thumbnails are not displayed anymore…

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    My configuration is the following one :

    up to 50 videos
    thumbnails on the right (80/20)
    no large video title
    no large video description

    When I activate the display of either the large video title or the large video description, then thumbnails disappear !

    Plugin Support slickchris


    Hi @m1st3rpc,

    Thanks for all of the info. We do see that, from your provided link, you have the YT feed displayed with the thumbs showing fine. However, the loadmore is not showing some thumbs. Lets see if we can fix this.

    Please email us at support@ slickremix.com and send us your most recent YT shortcode for us to test and take a deeper look. (close the gap in the email address before sending).

    The SlickRemix Team

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