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No WordPress Plugins Panel

  • mindbloggled


    I’m a very new user of wordpress, and want to get started with some plugins, but there is no plugins panel available on my dashboard.

    I’m new to this, but quite exprienced at creating web pages.

    Do I have to do something simple, as I’ve looked through a good deal of documentation but can’t find a solution.

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  • Chris_K


    Is your blog hosted by yourself, or at wordpress.com?



    At wordpress.com

    I’ve a sneaking suspcicion you’re going to tell me that means I can’t use plugins!

    I have an external website hosted by a service provider I’m hapy with. Is it likely they will be able to host my blog?



    I’ve a sneaking suspcicion you’re going to tell me that means I can’t use plugins!

    Bingo! 🙂 That’s just one of the main differences between hosting your own or using their flavor.

    As long as your existing host can meet the requirements, they should be able to host you: http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/



    Thanks for that .. I couldn’t find any explanation in the help system.

    I’ll go to my hosting company next.




    By the way, you can export posts from WordPress.com by going to Manage → Export. You can then import your posts to a WordPress 2.0.x-based blog by using the WordPress-to-WordPress import plugin.

    Hi there
    I’m also new to WP. I don’t have the Plugin panel on my dashboard either. I am hosted by WordPress. Sorry if I’m repeating the question. If you are hosted by WordPress, does that mean they won’t show? Do you need to be hosted separately?
    Any help appreciated.
    Many thanks

    If your blog is hosted at wordpress.com, as pointed out a couple of posts above, you can’t use plugins. If you want plugins, you’ll need to obtain hosting with a provider and set up your own blog using the software available through the download link above.



    And just for future reference, the ‘official’ word:

    Can I upload my own plugins?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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