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  • No matter how great Elementor is….the lack of a WHITE LABEL option, not being Open Source (pro version) and not allowing DIY-solutions (pro version) is a huge issue for me!

    I understand where the developers come from.

    But please also understand the webdesigners out there.

    Imagine, we webdesigners charge clients a lot of money for building a website, and then the client sees Elementor.
    They will google it, and find Elementor’s website.

    The first thing on Elementor’s website is a video, showing how EASY it is and saying “it’s FREE!”

    So, a white-label option is crucial!!

    An other problem is, that the usage for DIY purposes is not allowed according to their Terms (Pro Version)

    I create websites for clients, and then host the websites for the clients.
    After the website is finished, the clients can then edit the websites themselves. (this is “DIY” as far as I can see it)
    So, if I am not allowed to offer DIY services to my clients using Elementor, why would I use it?
    The main reason for using such a drag and drop builder is to give the client the freedom to edit the page themselves (DIY)
    And of course I want to host the websites to earn some passive income – so not being allowed to do so (no DIY solutions allowed) is a HUGE issue!

    Next big issue:
    The Pro-Version is NOT open source!
    Why would this be an issue?
    Imagine, the company behind Elementor gets closed or the main developer gets sick or dies.
    Nobody else can then continue developing Elementor.

    Beaver Builder has proven that it works…

    Beaver Builder offers…

    *) Open Source
    *) WHITE-Label
    *) DIY is allowed.

    So even though I like Elementor a lot…
    The lack of being Open Source, allwing White Label and DIY causes me to rate it with only 1 star.

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  • md


    yeah, I feel the same way, but essentially you are prohibited to share your Elementor-license (even the unlimited one). That’t the only thing, what makes it a bit more challenging, to explain the customer he needs to buy and reactivate yearly the Elementor licence by himself.

    Reading the terms of use I will interpret a couple points regarding below stated section:

    “No Hosting or Resale: You may not provide access to an Elementor installation as a hosting service provider or a reseller, and you may not provide to others as part of a “Software As-a-Service” (SaaS). You may not bundle it and resell it as a commercial, off the shelf, license or product. This means that you can use Elementor as a part of a commercial project where you design a theme for your client, but cannot use it in a theme or DIY website hosting solution”


    Point #1: “You may not provide access to an Elementor installation as a hosting service provider..”

    – My interpretation of this… You can not offer a stand-alone hosting service which includes Elementor as a bonus or incentive for hosting with you…. what this does mean is you CAN host your client’s websites that you have personally constructed and designed. You CAN NOT, however, sell a hosting service which includes a preinstalled license to Elementor by which you are only provided hosting and no design service. This would also be considered a DIY (You must provide some type of additional design services, not just hosting)


    Point 2. “or as a reseller, and you may not provide to others as part of a “Software As-a-Service” (SaaS)

    – My interpretation of this… You can not purchase an unlimited license and then “sell” / “activate” your license on websites and sell it as a (SaaS) or as if you were the original or authorized software license provide further requiring the end user to pay you for access. This is not allowed as you are not the original SaaS provider, Elementor is.

    This extends to this point: You can not install and activate a license on a clients website without personally performing design/development services for such client. (Design/Development should encompass: Original design work or the installation and configuration of pre-design templates that were created by you)

    I would think you could then bill for monthly support and management services, so long as you originally assisted in the design/development of the project.


    Point 3. You may not bundle it and resell it as a commercial, off the shelf, license or product

    – My interpretation of this… I am not sure on this as it may conflict with my business model. Perhaps I can get feedback.

    My business model: Working in a niche industry I have compiled “bundled” a number of industry related products together under a single program. Elementor being one of them.

    Within this model, I provide installation and configuration of pre-designed Elementor templates that I have personally built and of which are ready for live site publication… these services are then billed as a setup/development fee. After that, I also provide support and training on how to use the template editor.

    (Note: I am performing more than a simple installation of the plugin and templates. I am assisting with the setup and configuration of such assets to a point that the website is functional and ready for a live environment)

    Clients are then required to pay me a monthly fee for continued maintenance and support for the entire package as a whole. (Note: I have additional included services that require monthly fees…. also clients are not required to use Elementor and they are not billed for it. They are simply billed for the ongoing support, Elementor or not.

    At no point am I labeling or selling Elementor as a licensed, off the shelf product. It is merely a tool within my packages to be used for the development of client sites under a larger umbrella program.

    Any feedback on point 3 would be helpful.


    To that end, this is my interpretation of the previous concerns and licensing questions.

    I would presume an Unlimited license would work for this.

    Or would I be required to purchase a separate license for each individual client?

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