• after activations there’s no change in the website. I tried to find the plugin options for days but I couldn’t, I tried to contact the developer and they took the time to write me back to say they won’t give me support. No screenshots, no documentation. Maybe it’s broken. I’ll never know, I lost my time here

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  • Hi @nisaza,

    Thanks for your review, although it is completely uncalled for.

    This is a free plugin and there’s a tab called “Support” here on WordPress.org (which is easier to find than the “Reviews” tab).

    Also, we do mention on our FAQ:

    I need help, can I get technical support?
    This is a free plugin. It’s our way of giving back to the wonderful WordPress community.

    There’s a support tab on the top of this page, where you can ask the community for help. We’ll try to keep an eye on the forums but we cannot promise to answer support tickets.

    If you reach us by email or any other direct contact means, we’ll assume you are in need of urgent, premium, and of course, paid-for support.

    Yet you decided to send us an email requesting help, and after we asked you to use the support forum you decided to send us a rude email and make this review. It would take less time to use the support forum in the first place.

    Regarding your email:

    There is practically no FAQ questions, no documentation, no screenshots

    I can’t use the plugin at all. Please read what I’m saying: I’ve installed and activated the plugin, yet I CAN’T find the options of it.

    The plugin is self-explanatory: it creates a new free shipping method. Have you tried to add a shipping method to see if something that resembles our plugin name shows up in the list of available methods?

    no guarantee that somebody will reply my question in the forum

    You are right. This is a free plugin.
    The FAQ regarding support clearly states that.

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