• We did a lot of research into the right plugin for this task, but there are some features you assume a pluign can just do.

    Like having a car. You assume it has a speedo, or that you can move the side mirrors. You never ask that. So we never asked the question: Can we as Manager of the Download Manager, see on a screen, what someone can view in their downloads?

    There is one way to do it, but if you have 200, 300, 3000 clients, their fix is, to create a page for EACH client…. that’s their answer.

    There is no list of users, on which you can click one, and view all their downloads.
    For a premium product, this is a staggering flaw.

    So let’s say you run a health and safety business, and each client gets their safety reports.
    You have no means to find out, if Company A was sent their document in their uploads.

    I mean, there is one way, but open to flaw yourself. By naming the Download document package correctly. But surely a list of users, you click the user and view all their downloads.

    Why is that not in the system already???

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