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    In previous versions you’ve always been able to hover over an image, then click the image edit button to change size, alignment, settings, CSS styles, etc, etc. Currently I only see an “X” to delete the image.

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  • Did you use the beta media uploader, or the normal one?

    Beta. I assume the normal one works. But I’m excited for the Beta one to replace the normal one. However, it needs to include all the same functionality, that’s why I’m testing things like this, and reporting them.

    I was just asking cause yes, you’re right, known issue 🙂 if you were using the normal one, it’s a new problem 😉

    Oh, okay. Gottcha. Thanks. Glad it’s known. Didn’t know if it was known or not, and I didn’t see a thread about it here.

    The beta uploader looks awesome so far though. My hat goes off to all those who are building it. I just hope that all the fixes to give it the same functionality to completely replace the current uploader will make it into 3.5.

    It’ll be back — some functionality is temporarily gone while everything is being rewritten, but there’s no plan to take it away permanently. Keep an eye on future betas/nightlies.

    Awesome. Thank you Amy.

    I also see that choosing what size of the image to upload is missing, and no Title or Alt text is added to the image using the new Beta. Though you all probably know this already =) So far I do like the direction of where the new uploader is going.


    Using 3.5-beta2-22384 I have the same problem : image editing is gone.
    I used the classical upload not the beta uploader.

    Is it known if in release version it will be possible to edit pictures previousely uploaded with the old image upload system (and not the new Beta uploader) or will I have to delete my current images and re-upload them using the new beta uploader system ?



    Same here…

    And, been meaning to ask this for years…

    I’d also like to see the option of adding a CSS Class when uploading and when in Media Library. It’s a pain to want to add a shadow class and have to first add the image then edit then Advanced Settings then add the class. Thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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